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Thread: Any bedwetting story's

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    Default Any bedwetting story's

    To anyone who has ever wet there beds: was it just a one time thing/ how old were you/ how did you parents deal with it/ did you have to wear diapers or was there anything you had to differently the next night. Share your story.

    Here's mine:

    I was preety young about 5. I remember I was sleeping on the floor in my parents room that night. I had a dream about being locked in a pick up truck and having to pee really bad and wetting myself. When I woke up I was completely soaked. I usually got carried down the stairs each morning by my mom or dad when I woke and would yell and wait for them at the top but then I remember yelling "I wet the bed" and having my dad carry me from under my armpits down to get washed. God, if only I knew how embarrassing it was back then! The next night I don't think they put me in a pull up or any thing my parents were pretty understanding.

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    I just thought it would be interesting to hear other people's takes on there experiences.

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    ok well i stopped wetting my bed and having day accidents around five, and it was fine until around age eleven, when i started having one to two week stints of bedwetting with one to two dry nights during these and these got me put into goodnites, and then about a month into this is started wetting the bed til age fourteen almost every night, wearing goodnites every night, and at fifteen it all went back to short bouts of wetting, and now i am sixteen and i still wet the bed off and on usually for a week to two once a month with or without diapers, goodnites, etcetera and i usually buy my own being a dl and all, but my parents only know about my bedwetting not the TBDL thing which i plan on having it stay that way lol so ya thats my two cents

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    I only have one memory of bedwtting.
    It was when I was about 14 years old and I was having a kind of nightmare. I really had to go and was running about looking for a place to relieve myself.
    I was interrupted everytime I thought it was alright to pee. Finally I somehow I found a toilet and started to pee...

    I woke up to a completely soaked bed...
    I slept the rest of the night on the edge of the bed and managed to keep it a secret from my parrents.

    This thing I think has put some "locks" in my mind, even today I have problems wetting while laying down.
    No matter how big my padding is or how tired I am.

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    I wet the bed un till I was 11 not fun. You can't sleep over at friends or anything.

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    From birth 'till twelve I wet the bed. My parents made me wear diapers back then I didn't like it, but now I miss it.
    I didn't care at sleeping over at friends houses, I didn't have many friends and with the friends I had I reccomended myself
    not to sleep at their place. Never even tried to get dry through the night either, well my mom bought me stuff like pills and one of
    those annoying ringing things that wake you up when you're wetting, but that didn't work. If I think back I think I just wore diapers 'cause I was one lazy S.O.A.B. .
    :P And when I was dry in the morning I sometimes even wet the diaper for the feel of it, talking about making the best of the situation.

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    I had a phase of wetting the bed when I was 13, this was just after my grandmother had passed away, so the doctor's said it was being caused by emotional stress and will pass. First time was embarrassing though, I woke up at 6 in the morning to find my PJ's completely soaked along with my sheets, my mom said not to worry about it and she took care of the clean up. Next night I did the same thing, so while I was at school, she went to the store and got me some goodnites. I didn't really care that they were diapers, it was better then waking up in a wet bed. I wore them and actually kinda liked em, the bedwetting carried on for about a month then just stopped. Since then I haven't wet the bed since. ^^

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    I wet the bed most every night till about nine years old. Except for a few brief periods, mom diapered me (multiple cloth & plastic pants) at bedtime. This was back in the sixties, a different time. Mom was not understanding, she scolded and pleaded, even mildly spanked. I wanted to be dry, yet at the same time a part of me enjoyed the sensation and shame of bed-wetting. Like someone else posted, I too occasionally wet or rewet my diaper when awake. It was magically exciting, I could feel the wetness spreading in my diaper while my pajamas and bed remained dry.

    I was relieved when my bed-wetting tapered off and stopped. Mom removed the rubber sheet from my bed, diapers from my chest of drawers. No longer had to worry about my friends finding out, could even play with them in my room. However, as time passed I missed bed-wetting more and more, had to find a way. Will leave the rest to another time.

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    I remember i was like 7 i slept over my friends house and her mom woke me up and i wet just a little and she didn't know what to do. Lol I had pull up's and it was really embarrassing going to the store when i was 8 and getting them. Lol. Also i was embarrassed once when my friend slept over and she thought i would pee on her and she slept on the floor. xD

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    Ugh, wet consistently till 16 here =/ it sucked =/
    My parents and I tried a number of various things with limited success...
    I ended up being in diapers at night when I was younger, then pullups, then nothing and a whole lot of laundry ><

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