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    I am getting a headache trying to think of something funny and witty to say so I give up. No wit today.

    I am a professional geek by day in the aviation world. I am a teddy bear but a little shy in person.

    I am a switch AB/DL/Daddy. Looking to just be and have laughs with people who might get me.

    When I am not working you will find me at the barn with my horses, racing sailboats and after dark hiding in my office indulging in my secret shame, flight simming(I'm more embarrassed about that little bit of pure geek than being a AB/DL.)

    I am here to find smiles, laughs, and friends. I'm pretty liberal and open so any topic is open and if lines are crossed I'll just say as much.

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    Welcome, brother in geekhood and diapers! I too am open to anything and am very hard to offend, shoot me a PM sometime of you want to talk. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay at ADISC very much!

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    Hi and wellcome Tango79!

    You donīt have to be "witty" to introduce yourself.
    I myself is a "geek", more of the computer/book reading geeky kinda thing and also somewhat shy (aside from work things)

    I have no experience at all with the ab/daddy thing, perhaps you can tell us something about that.

    Iīm a "city boy" but spent all my childhood summers in the country side next to a farm and did all those things like riding a horse, driving a tractor, jump from the hayloft etc.

    And seriously, what would be the worst discovery, you wearing diapers or you playing flight sims ?

    Well met and have a good time here...

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    Nice intro Welcome to ADISC. You'll surely find a lot of laughs and friends here... and geeks. >_> *hides face in shame* LOL

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    I can pass off wearing diapers to any stranger as a medical issue (I know not very proper) and most would never consider saying anything, but everybody knows how geeky you are if you flight sim...LOL

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