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Thread: Underjams, want to hear me rant?

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    Default Underjams, want to hear me rant?

    10 miles on bike, whole trip was about an hour...

    Pros: I like the kind of "big kid" look, I like the patterns (Boys/Large), very stretchy.

    Cons: Very tight, rips easily, pattern is not at all childish.

    Summery: I have been DIEING to get UnderJams for a while now...Well, I found some where that has them.

    They are slightly larger than Pullups...but I still thought they would be bigger.

    I love the feel of them but they are a bit tight on the crotch. I have yet to use them, but I am sure it won't hold much at all...

    Final words: I would probably buy these again, mainly because they are very unnoticeable, thin, and I can walk around in them with little chance of detection. Unless someone comes out with a new product before I need more, then I will definitely be back to grab another package.

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    Glad that you seem to like them. They are ever-so-slightly bigger than GoodNites and seem to hold a lot more, in my experience (still on my first package).

    Yes, they are a bit restricting, but I like them that way. They don't bother my (relatively small) boy bits and they Stay Up in place, not like some other pullup-style diapers.

    And congrats on your persistence at getting them from so far away. That must have been s.o.m.e bike ride

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    I like your rant, it's a lot better than the wall's of text that are some posts on here that only say the same thing multiple times.

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    Well, I really want to try going farther on my bike...maybe a 20 mile trip, and eventually work up to riding to San Francisco (~80 miles). But...yeah...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyGrizzy View Post
    Well, I really want to try going farther on my bike...maybe a 20 mile trip, and eventually work up to riding to San Francisco (~80 miles). But...yeah...
    Fine. Forget all about coming to me and giving me some diapers!!!

    What size pants do you wear anyways, are your pants tight fit?

    Also, you were saying something about bad experience with cashier,(over Skype) please explain?

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    underjams are a good product i think BUT i wish they were a bit longer from front to back maybe add a XXL size? ~ Will

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    I tried a sample pack, but they were too small
    it would be nice if the made bigger sizes maybe even up to 200lbs would be great.

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    there great

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    Yep, I definitely like Underjams. But I was under the impression Goodnites were bigger. Not stretchier, but bigger. Underjams are made for 85+ lbs, and Goodnites for 125+ pounds.

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    I don't know why some guys, who are way over the diapers limits still insist on wearing them, they don't fit people who are too big for them, they may be able to get one on and stand there, but they expect them to work like thy would for a small guy.

    If they worked on guys over the weight limit it would say that on the package, but they don't.

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