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Thread: Ever walked past someone you thought was wearing too?

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    Default Ever walked past someone you thought was wearing too?

    So a couple days ago I was late to class again but I was almost there just had to get up one more flight of stairs. Unfortunately it was one of those dreaded narrow hallway staircase while I was echoing crinkle like a beast because it was a fresh diaper. I wasn't stressing too much because like I said I was late, no one was near me, and when it isn't empty then the echoing can't be heard.

    Anyways just my luck would have it I got about 1/4 of the way up there and a girl (I think it was anyways...I didn't paid much attention until after all these happened) started heading down. Well I of course took off a side and changed my stepping slightly, trying to at least minimize my sound and hide it in the shuffle of my step.

    As we passed each other though...I could have sworn I heard a familiar sound though. Not my crinkle but someone else's ('chuckles' sounds like I'm talking about the Force). And I made a subtle look back / pause in my step..nothing more but would have shown something caught my attention if someone was looking at me closely. To my surprise a similar pause looked apparent when I flashed a look back from the bottom of the stairs. In the split second response I smoothly returned to looking forward and continued on my way.

    But it made me wonder if she (or he...I actually don't remember) was wearing too. I haven't had the incident happen since, 'chuckles' I think that was the day I was 30 minutes late...something I'm not planning on repeating.

    I mean do you guys know what I'm saying? An average person probably couldn't pluck the sound of crinkling from a semi-noisy environment but it's something we're accustomed to hearing. And we're used to hearing our own crinkling but hearing twice over would sound least it did to me.

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    There is a very similar thread about the same subject here, so I will close this thread and re-direct everyone to the existing thread

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