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    Heya guys, I used to post on adisc and be in the irc all the time, until I had to leave my house. I've got a better living situation now and my first thing to do on my brand new phone was to check out adisc again! I missed a lot of ya and I hope some of my old friends remember me :3 I'm Gummybear.

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    Anyway I'm katie, a babyfur and recently came out as transgender. I've been a furry for almost ten years. I'm currently writing a comic book and i obsessively create puzzles. I'm 25 years old. i have 9 roommates and I help out at a local seattle homeless shelter every day.

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    Hello and welcome to adisc! Cool to have another comic book writer around here. May I ask what type of story you are writing?

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    It's rather inappropriate material i wrote way back in high school, but now I'm trying to create biographies for my characters and expand beyond stick figures and sex jokes. One character is jagged jester, a deranged young man who wears a jesters hat and vest and gives terrible advice to children.

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    Sounds like a good concept. Are you going to draw it as well?

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    Welcome back. It's nice to be missed, and much nicer still to hear your life has improved. I once created word searches and crosswords obsessively No money in it but huge satisfaction... and knowing your 3 and 4 letter list makes you a God-king at scrabble!

    I spent much of my childhood in the library... Our children's library downtown was a petting zoo (yup) - smelled of woodchips. Upstairs the adult library was full of homeless by day... I asked the staff what they do and was told "they read, of course... get booted for sleeping." I liked the idea we have literate homeless...

    Were you at the recent Seattle meet?

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    I didnt know there was a seattle meet, but i will definately look forward to the next one. And yes, i've drawn several pages of my comic and plan to scan it when i buy my laptop friday. Until then I have my phone. Thank you for the very welcoming comments!

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    Another Seattle-ite! Welcome!

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