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Thread: Tearjerkers - What's the Saddest Movie You've Ever Seen?

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    Default Tearjerkers - What's the Saddest Movie You've Ever Seen?

    Here's a little back story: About an hour ago, I was watching "The Lion King" with my young sister (she is having an obsession with Lion King lately, which really came out of the blue. Thank goodness there's still a VCR in the house considering I don't have the DVD!). Having been several years since I saw the movie, I was all for watching it again so I could relive my childhood that was filled with nostalgic Disney films. To tell you the truth, I honestly forgot how sad the Lion King was! When Mufasa died, I definitely shed a little tear; it really caught me off guard! After the movie was done and I finished rewinding the tape, I reflected back on some of the movies I watched in the past and thought about which ones affected me emotionally.

    So I ask you, fellow ADISCers: What are some of the saddest movies you've ever seen? What are the movies that made you cry or gave you an emotional response to? What movies really stick out in your mind that you remember being emotionally affected by as a child (or as an adult)?

    Note: I am aware that there was a thread like this a while back, but that thread has since been closed. Time to start up this conversation again.

    To give you some of mine (besides Lion King):

    United 93: Paul Greengrass' film about September 11 was a real tear jerker for me. The way he directed it, the way it's written, everything about it made me sob like a kid.

    Forrest Gump - When Jenny...well, you know...

    Fluke - A rather rare film about a dog who gets adopted by a family; it has a very sad ending (you can only guess). I remember being greatly affected by this ending as a young lad, and I couldn't watch the film again for many years!

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - I actually saw this one on a date, and I remember sobbing. That was embarrassing, but hey, she didn't seem to mind!

    Schindler's List - I can't even describe this one in words.

    There's probably a slew more, but I can't seem to remember them right now! But I now pass the torch to you! Discuss.

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    Life is Beautiful
    the second to last scene is soooo sad

    Fetching Cody
    sad movie, somewhat happy ending
    also has one of my favorite actors
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    Airbud and futurama (im weird that way lol).

    Air bud when the kid tells the dog to go away at the island.

    Another spoiler:

    The futurama episode with Fry's dog who dies waiting for him at the pizza shop for years but, Fry went to the future

    And maybe Star Wars episode 3 at the end.

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    "I Am Sam" had a great ending but there were so many moments where I just wanted to break down and start yelling at my TV. Some people are just so damn insensitive to others, it's very heart wrenching.

    "Requiem for a Dream" was very depressing and a good cautionary tale as to why one should avoid drugs. For those of you who have had family members deal with drug addiction or who have personally dealt with it, I'd highly recommend this film because it really will hit home.

    "Blow" was an awesome movie in every which way, but that last scene with George and his daughter had me tearing up. Pretty much anything with a daddy/daughter scene where the daughter's being taken away is just devastating to me.

    Also, it wasn't one specific movie, but both seasons of "Spartacus" have had moments that have almost brought me to tears. In season one, it's the scene where Spartacus has to duel Varro and in season two it's the whole romance between Gannicus and Onomaeus' wife coming to that climactic end.

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    Neverending story - the horse! ...God I cried when I was little again and again :P

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    Titanic was first movie I shred tears. I watched that when it first came out. Here are other movies I actually cried at:
    -A Walk to Remember
    -My Dog Skip
    -Harry Potter 5, 6, 7 (Part I)
    -There are few more but I can't remember at the moment...
    Next movie I will cry for sure: Harry Potter 7 (Part II) next month... =P

    For TV episodes, I cried at:
    -Full House episode when "Grandpa" died (in Season 7, I think), and it was difficult on everyone, especially on Jesse and Michelle
    -Charmed episode when Prue died
    -CSI episode when Warrick Brown died, and the speech Grissom gave during his funeral
    -Friends series finale in 2004

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    I agree with Emmy on Harry Potter 5,6,7.

    Also, Pokemon 4 Ever(I think it was this one...)

    Starship Troopers 1, 2, and 3...

    Star Wars Episode 3...

    Oh god this question is hard >.< Let's say this... A LOT.

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    Life as a House. It's like a tear jerker aimed at guys.

    Also, the last 8 minutes of the show Six Feet Under. I never make it through that. Best series finale EVER!

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    Um... I cry at some point during just about every movie I watch...

    The last samurai
    Grave of the fireflies
    End of the spear

    Were particularly emotional films though... And then again, I also cried during gnomeo and Juliet, so who knows how good my idea of a sad movie is, lol

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