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    Any of you feel like being a fur is where the middle ground line is drawn, and not a Diaper Fur? I've been searching for my middle ground lately, and since coming back to my baby fur ways, I have enjoyed my time greatly with Tadd my plushie, but once i decided i could get some diapers, it seems that even when i am not acting in a splurge, it turns into one. It seems that at least for me, i can innocently enjoy diapers, but in the end they kind of eat me up.

    Thinking here it might just be Tadd and I (no longer a babyfur, but just a littlefur).

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    Hmm... I honestly can't say I have a middle ground :P As soon as I learned about my diaper fetish I was instantly a babyfur... actually being a furry was what got me into diapers in the first place :P

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    That's basically how I became a littlefur. There's no middle grounds for me really, I am who I am. I only pretend not to be a DL cub when I'm in public =^_^=

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