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Thread: Sleeping in diapers

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    Default Sleeping in diapers

    On a scale of 1 to 10 do you sleep better in diapers?

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    10. Definitely 10. Especially if I wet it ^_^

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    8 / 10 ^.^
    It's a comfort thing for me.

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    I cant sleep without diapers (OT - but i can't sleep without plushie)

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    Also 10 out of 10... Since I committed to wearing a diaper at night and also disciplined myself to, if I had to, wake, pee, fall back asleep, I have actually become a bedwetter. I no longer wake to pee, it has become automatic.

    I have been very comfortable and content with the outcome. At night, I sleep much better, and sleep through the night easily. In the morning, I wake better rested, feeling as though my sleep was more fulfilling.

    It hasn't always been easy, traveling as much as I do, I must always travel with diapers; and this has led to embarrassment and inconvenience, but I am still pleased with the outcome and would not go back.

    The best to all...

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    Well 2/10
    Low score because I can't really sleep in my diapers because I am paranoid with leaking. Also, I have history of bedwetting so if I start wearing diapers again then quickly enough, my bedwetting will be back and I will end up using diapers as a necessity and it can be costly and embarrassing especially if I sleep at other places. This July, I am going to stay at my mom's for few days and I don't think I want to risk my mom to find out that I wear them.

    But.... I would give 10/10 if I could sleep in it... it usually help me to sleep better though...

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    I'm not exactly sure since it really isn't any different for me so I'll go with a 10/10.

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    5/10 I sleep like a dead person; padded or not.

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    If I wear but don't use, then 8/10 - the warmth and comfort helps me drift off, although I'm more likely to lie in the next morning!

    If I drink loads before bed then 2/10 - I have a hard time drifting off and still can't seem to go lying down so I end up waking up lots, and generally have a disturbed sleep.

    I guess I need to wear more frequently so I can get more used to it.

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    Hmm. 8/10. I certainly seem to get to sleep faster than I used to, but I wake up earlier. It would seem that I really don't need that much sleep. Still, nappies are very relaxing to sleep in.

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