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    All my life I have been thinking about sex but not what you think. I am terrified of being in a position to have to do it. I don't think I could. I like kisses and I'm not shy being like no clothes on but doing it is what I mean.w Is it normal? I know there isn't a normal but is it abnormal is maybe a better way of putting it.

    Thank you and I hope I posted this in a place your supposed to post questions like this.

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    this should be posted in mature topics due to sex talk.

    But anyway i dont think that theres anything wrong it most probaly the fear of being able to please in a way.
    it normal tho i know at least 10 people boys and girls scared crapless about having sex.

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    Well most teens are scared of having sex, most just won't admit it. In time you may calm down about the idea, when you find someone with who you are comfortable doing it with you will change your mind. Just try not to worry about it after all you are still young.

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    Sex is just part of life. Don't worry too much about it. But definately remember to stay safe.

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