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Thread: An introduction

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    Default An introduction

    Hey everyone. Well, I'm on this site for the same reason everyone else is I've been here for about a day... it seems like a pretty nice place.
    I'm not very good at introductions, so I'll try to keep this fairly short. After seeing the ages of people around here, it looks like I'm relatively young
    It's nice to finally have found somewhere like this and I look forward to spending more time here. Salutations!

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    You seem pretty smart for you age. protip: there's lots more smilies if you look.:ninja_vanish:

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    Hidiho pixel! Welcome, great to see you around. Hope you have a great time here. Maybe you could tell us a bit more about yourself, like your hobbies, sports etc.

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    @Dethklok: Hey, thanks. Dethklok is pretty good, by the way. I like their shows :P

    @tom: Well, I love football. I play all the time. Not the American "football", the real thing
    I'm into game development as well, and pixel art... hence my user name choice.

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    Welcome to ADISC, pixel! I know you'll like it here and there are several members close to your age to chat with. Have fun!


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    Hi Pixel and welcome to our community. Despite our physical ages, most of us seem to think of ourselves as pretty young. I know I do. Just look around in the forums and see. I'm sure you will find some kindred spirits.

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    Welcome. Check out the TeenBaby forums too, there are lots of younger people over there. ^^

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    Here, we generally don't discriminate because of your age, it's how mature you come across to be. For a while a few people thought I was 20-something! :shock:

    I suppose we'd rather have young members who are mature, as opposed to older one's who are very immature. You type well and are very clear in your words, so that's a great start!

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