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Thread: Wallmart restroom diapers

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    Default Wallmart restroom diapers

    Couldn't find a post on this, lemme know if there already is one. But at wallmart bathrooms they have this diaper dispenser where you put in 50 cents and get a diaper. I've never tried them yet but i think they're baby diapers, idk what size. Can anybody add some more info on these diapers?

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    They are like size 5 baby diapers, walmart brand, I remember a long time ago this was like the only diapers I could get so I'd go with my mom to walmart and then go to the bathroom and buy one and just stick it in my underwear, they were really crappy diapers but I was happy with what I could get nonetheless

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    Some of those machines are different than others. Most likely it will have size 3-5 and usualy they are a 4 (in my experience). They also sometimes come with 1 or 2 wipes and a disposal bag. It is also possible that it might have a changing pad, but don't get your hopes up at a walmart.

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    Ikea has free diapers. Not sure what size or brand off the top of my head, but I do know they have a Garfield print on them. The ones in Canada anyways.

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    In some commercial center in italy and very huge luna park in the nursery zone/bathroom, there are free dispenser of diapers and pullups. Generally with no brand or with mascotte of the luna park/commercial center.

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    I tried to buy a walmart bathroom diaper before, and when I put the money in nothing came out. They probably rarely refill the mens restroom diaper machine.

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    ^^^same thing happened to me! been ripped off twice!!

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    Well I'm going to Walmart tomorrow! I'll check that out for you guys

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    i done it couple times, It comes with a size 4 diaper, changing mat,wipes and a small bad to put the used diaper in it.

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    Hm. I've never actually seen a diaper dispenser in the bathroom at Walmart before. Curious! Maybe it's just in the men's room? (I can't very well go into one of those and least not without having the guys come running out screaming about a creep lurking in there!)

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