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Thread: A Four Wheel Drive Ferrari Hatchback

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    Default A Four Wheel Drive Ferrari Hatchback

    I really Like this and I thought I would share it with my fellow gear heads.

    A Four Wheel Drive Ferrari Hatchback? The Ferrari Four (FF)

    Basically a Ferrari Hatchback. And boy does it look sexy.

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    nope, i still want an Aixam Mega Track.
    don't know why, but i love French cars. i don't get all the hype about Italian supercars (Ferengi, Shamborgini, Bumbatti) or the Japanese ones (Mustibushi, Honka); they're just boxes on wheels, to me.

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    Meh, it is a car.

    Four wheels and a radio with an optional engine and I'm good.

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    Four-wheel drive makes sense, although I think Ferrari is late to the market: Porsche led with the 4WD 959 and Caliente. I respect that tractor company (Lamborghini) because their SUV wasn't trying to be a sportscar.

    Perhaps Ferrari is marketing to those who don't have anyplace to park a separate Audi for ski trips?

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    looks like a pontiac crossfire but uglier... ... Ferrari needs to not have one of these, it takes away from what Ferrari is. That thing is a boat :/

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    Looks good, a V12 engine, and 4 wheel drive too. Sounds like my million $ dream garage just got bigger

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    I always liked the idea of a shooting brake. Its nice to see one come out of the concept faze and into production. It gets added to my dream garage but its nowhere near top ten.

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    When I herd ferrari Anounced the Car my first reacttion was "uhh okay then..."

    Doesn't seem like a traditional ferrari and IMO might take away from the Fast pure Racing brand that they have created but who knows.

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