So i have been on Adisc officially since March, but i actually started participating at the end of May, and since then a lot has changed in my interests. My whole outlook on ABDLism has been enlightened. After attending the first church of ADISC for the past couple of months, i feel i must stand and testify... ok, i think i am getting a little carried away.

When i first joined, i was into hypnotism and trying to make myself babyish... now I have embraced my inner child and let it out on its own, no hokey pocus hypnotism stuff... and for those that ask... it really does not work.

When i first joined, i thought the best thing in the world would be using a diaper with little or no control. After getting to know a lot of great Adisc-ites, i have learned that that couldn't be farther from the truth, i am blessed with control. Even though it can feel great to let it go from time to time, i am blessed to be able to take that control back and keep it. There are many on Adisc who do not have that kind of control and it is not an easy life for them.

When i first joined, it was all about the diapers. Now, i enjoy everything about being a kid or toddler. I have a sippy bottle, a paci, a teddy, a library of pokemon episodes, and a new "funner" outlook on life.

When i first joined, i had very little interest in meeting others, or talking about my lifestyle and i could care less about anyone else on Adisc. I was happy being a lurker and did not want any attachment to any of you "wierdos". Now... I'm a wierdo and i'm loving it. Look at my Adisc Family! It's huge, and even non "family" members have been very kind to me and have helped me and encouraged me through some issues i have had.

I read my original intro earlier today, and i am not that person anymore.


Thank you Adisc and the Adisc Community.