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Thread: What is your doudou?

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    Default What is your doudou?

    Last week, I was watching my friend’s seven year old son while his mother was away. When I showed him my bedroom he took notice of my big elephant plushie that was sitting on my bed. He asked me “Can I play with your doudou?”

    “Doudou” is a French baby-talk word used to refer to a baby’s or young child’s transitional item, such as a security blanket or favorite plushie. My friend’s son’s doudou is actually a stuffed elephant too, so when he saw mine he figured it was my “doudou”.

    I don’t remember what my doudou was when I was a baby, but I do have a special plushie which was given to me by my brother when I was born. It’s a little bear light blue in color, and makes a ratteling sound when moved. I don’t sleep with him anymore because he is too small to hug, but i could never give him up.

    What’s your “doudou”? A piece of cloth, a blanket, a plushie?

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    Hmm... I think mine would have to be my stuffed dog that my parents got me at a hospital gift shop when I had to stay there a month as a baby. It was always my favorite plushie growing up, and still is to this day.

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    My transitional item was a white tiger plushie called White. I still have him, can't image my room without him on the pillow of my bed.

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    Definitely my blankie. I don't think I could've gotten through the ages of 7-12 without it, and I still sleep better when I have it's silk on my face :P

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    I have a bear who mostly goes by the name Roops, but his real name is "The Honourable Rupert Cholmondely-Featherstonhaugh", which is something of a mouthful. He has been my companion and confidante for more than fifty years. He used to live on my bed but my wife found him somewhat intimidating, so now he lives on top of my wardrobe. A vantage point from which he can look out for me whilst I am asleep. Bears are extremely good listeners and they have the added advantage that they never disclose your secrets in their memoirs. He is very understanding and is hardly ever judgemental. I have an emotional bond with him which is similar to the bond I have with the human members of my family.
    He isn't my doudou though, that was my cot blanket which unfortunately disintegrated over the years. The last remaining scrap of it was used to repair one of his paws. So perhaps Roops is the reincarnation of my doudou

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    I have a stuffed zebra that my Godparents sent me when I was in the hospital with appendicitis. I also have a blanket and pillow that I have had since I was a baby, but I am not as attached to them.

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    Welp, I was mislead :P

    Glad I wasn't! It was a hideous blanket that is stored away now. Good times.

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    My bunny, kitty, blue carebear, brown lion bear, blankie... I get attached to plushies and snuggly things easily :p

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    I had a blue blanket that I packed around until I was about 11 or 12. I believe it was finally taken away by my parents. I have a feeling I know where to find it, but haven't had time to look. As of now I have a small stuffed husky that a friend bought for me.

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