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    Hello all,

    So this is my first time opening up about my hidden life. I consider myself an adult baby/little girl who likes to dress up. I'm not an overly forthcoming person but a little prodding usually gets me to open up. I guess I just need some support for this aspect of my life.

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    welcome to ADISC! Do you have any hobbies or anything else that some of us might share with you? People usually deem to be more open with people who have common interests with you and we here at ADISC are no different. Feel free to keep anything secret you don't feel comfortable revealing though. Hope you'll find what you're looking for

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    Welcome to the site. I don't know that we've had someone from Poland before. We are a diverse group and discuss many things. We also our a support group and help those who are trying to accept this strange quirk. You are among friends.

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