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    Default incontinence pads?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm just wondering if anyone here has any experience of using incontinence pads (Tena Comfort being an example) and how they compare to nappies? AFAIk you stick them in your regular undies (preferably briefs ) and they absorb liquid.

    Has anyone got any experience of them and how they compare to nappies as I'd like to try them out but at least have some idea of what they are like before I try them?


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    I've tried pads before, but usually I used them as a stuffer/liner in a nappy.
    The only time I seriously used pads without any further protection over is when I found a stash of attends contours in an closed care home my dads work was using as office space.
    They where absorbency 5plus, so hardly big or thick, they where rectangular, but the padding came in in the middle and they had leg elastics and and a sticky strip on the back of them, but they where old so I only ever wet them a tiny bit, I got some of the special pants for over the top of them at the same time, when I got the pad to stick properly to the pants it was like wearing an adult pull-up, they where fun but not really anything like a nappy.

    I've tried newer more absorbent attends pads but I don't think any of them had leg elastics, only the standing barriers inside, so anything more than a dribble would make them leak round the legs and since they didn't have a fixation strip they moved around allot, I was wearing boxer-briefs at the time so I'm sure wearing briefs would help with that but coverage might be a problem.

    The higher absorbency pads, anything rated over about 800ml, are really meant to be used with special pants that hold them in place, ordinary undies aren't really designed to cope with a saturated pad weighing a kilo trying to drag them to you're ankles.

    I did once consider getting some tena comforts, you can get them at most lloyds pharmacies, but pound for pound the tena felx where more absorbent so I got them instead

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    for a while, and some while ago, i did use Boots' nappy booster pads; they used to be only a quid for a pack, but they re-branded them and put the price up and i stopped using them. don't know what they're like now.
    anyway, i used them mainly to take up the slack in medium sized dipies, when mediums were a bit looser on me than they are now.

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    I use Tena Comfort pads in tight underwear at home - work well for moderate leakage - but I don't trust them away from home as they need changing once significantly wet. The big advantage over tape up or pull up pades is cost - they are a lot cheper. I also use a different kind of pad (without plastic backing) as a booster in other kinds of diaper.

    As with all kinds of diaper it is worth experimenting with different makes until you get what suits you best.

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    Cool thanks for the replies everyone. It sounds like it's a mixed bag. I'll give it a shot and see what happens. It's getting too hot to wear a proper nappy as it's pretty uncomfortable even with baby powder!

    It's Tena Comfort I'm thinking about going for as it's a good brand, Tena. I'll let you know how I get on with them lol.

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