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    I've been into this scene for awhile and I've obviously realized by now that there is no "cookie-cutter" personality, but I have heard many stories of people that had never had a thought of diapers, and then it was introduced to them either by a friend or just by coincidence. What I'm trying to figure out is, how many people do you think that if they were introduced to diapers to the point of breaking the ice and WEARING them, even using them, do you think would actually pursue into the community more.

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    I mean, it happens sure, but probably among those who are already open to every kink imaginable lol. That said, im not sure x)

    Though, I don't think we should start recruiting for the Adisc army just yet :P

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    I would say once you get past the stigma, there's *strictly* speaking a lot going for it - as most of us know, it can be a lot more than just a sexual thing, the comfort and stress relief are second to none! So on that basis, I think anyone slightly open minded could be open to diaper wearing. The AB play may be a little harder to engage with; I still find it hard to play little tbh!

    That said, in it's current state in the media and social understanding, there's too many negative connotations in play - even if someone is very open minded, the act of releasing waste, and the "not growing up and being adult" can be enough to turn your nose up without any further discussion...

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    This reminds me of a post I made before:

    What I would want to say here I can copy-paste from that post:

    Quote Originally Posted by Vroeger
    In general, an important factor as to wether you will become an infantilist or not, is simply: fate. It can happen, or not happen, you don't really control it.

    Many people have declared that there was some point in time that all of a sudden they realised "hey I want to wear a diaper!" That can happen when watching someone getting changed fot example. I think there are very many diaper lovers out there who just haven't had such a triggermoment yet, as I believe it's called, and thus aren't aware of their desire to wear diapers.

    Evidence for this is that on this forum but not only here, there are alot of incontinent diaper lovers. That's quite interesting, because that means that people who are incontinent have a higher chance of "falling in love" with their diapers. I think that's because they are being exposed to "triggermoments" aaall the time because of their incontinence. There's a higher chance of becoming a diaper lover when diapers are on your mind often, that be because you already think they're somewhat interesting or because you need to.

    So as a result of this, I think fate is a very important factor as well. If it wasn't, I think there would be so many more diaper lovers in this world! Very many people remind their childhood as a good time without worries etc. etc. but not all of them become diaper lovers. It could also just be that a potential diaper lover experiencing a trigger moment will be like "Ehm wow, what did I just think? I wanted to wear a diaper? Wow, no way, this is crazy, I need to get rid of this weird thoughts" and the trigger moment "failed".
    You can consider this quote the contents of this post.

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    I think what you mean is "If they tried them they might like them?" Probably a lot more than the ones who already realize it, but definitely still a SMALL segment of society. So no, it is not adviseable to start asking around, or you will likely be labled as a totally creepy freak. Don't worry, everyone who really wants to engage in this behavior will find a way, one way or another.

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