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Thread: Yay, my first real diapers... but...

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    Default Yay, my first real diapers... but...

    Right now, you are probably thinking: 'Ah... another thread of someone that got his first time diapers.' And well, this kind of is such a thread, but I also have some questions I want to ask you.

    For the first time I have bought some Tena Slips Maxi and Tena Slips Ultima, both size medium. Although I have a waist size of around 93cm, which is right in the range of the medium size, I have the feeling they are rather large. This may be because I am used to wearing pampers (which are far too small) and drynites, but I still want your opinion. The middle part that is hanging at the lowest point when you wear, feels about 5cm to large. When wet, it is curved downwards and kind of feels better. Is this normal or are small diapers the better choise, the next time I get some?

    And question number two: For the diaper to be in a good position, is it better to do the top tapes first or the bottom tapes?

    Thanks for you answers in advance!

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    Tena slip maxi and ultima actually are very large. You can use some tape to make them fit better. I have yet to receive the small version so I can't tell you if it would still be large enough for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Appelsientjeappeltje View Post
    And question number two: For the diaper to be in a good position, is it better to do the top tapes first or the bottom tapes?
    Bottom tape first - get it snug around the legs, then tape the waist afterwards. At least, that's how I do it!

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    I have a smaller waist size, and tena maxi small kinda fit, but I don't really feel 'padded' when wearing them without stuffers, and with stuffers I barely get them closed at all. So IMO, european tena diapers are actually on the generally smaller side of things, and you will very likely not fit into a size small with a waist size of 93cm. Personally mediums are pretty big on me, too. I just tend to add one or two baby diapers as stuffers, and they solve the space/length problem quite nicely while also adding huge amounts of absorbancy.

    TL;DR: Use baby diapers as stuffers to make mediums fit better, tena size small will probably be too small on you.

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    I actually just bought diapers for the first time hehe I was like standing in walgreens for a Lon time until no obsess in line I got 40 diapers for like 17 dollars... I <3 sales but everytime b4 I use to sneak a pull up wen I use to wet the bed

    ---------- Post added at 20:11 ---------- Previous post was at 20:01 ----------

    No people were in the line* I don't know y I put obsess auto correct ;D

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    Honestly, it would be a good fit for you.

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