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    Default pull-ups 5T

    hey all i was just wondering is a pullup 5t would fit me... i am..
    6foor 4
    waits 38
    also just a little bit of extra help for yalls... i can fit into goodnights large almost

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    No. I dobut even I could fit into them comfortably and i'm pretty smaller then you.

    waist 32

    Just get some adult pull-ons. Pull-ups are for toddlers, your by far not a toddler.

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    waist 30
    fits like a dream ^-^

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    I'm like 5'3 waste 34 125 pounds and they barely fit..

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    I am 5'9 160lbs and they don't really even fit me. Stick with goodnites/adult diapers for functionality and possibly specialty adult diapers for roleplay.

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    Nope, I'm a size 32 waist and 5' 10'' and they don't fit me anymore

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    I tried them once several years ago and if I remember right they fitted me quite well. I was about 110 lbs at that time (around 115 now) and 5'6. Pretty tight though (but not uncomfortable at all) so I wouldn't recommend them for someone being significantly more than my weight.

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