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Thread: How to I tell my sister to cease and desist?

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    Default How to I tell my sister to cease and desist?

    Sorry about the bad language but I'm really ticked off. My older sister refuses to leave my room when my friends are over.
    You know when your younger and you constantly trying to hangout with your older sibling? Well now my older sister will NOT LEAVE ME ALONE! Really! She constantly comes into my room for pointless reasons and asks to hangout. And when my friends are over she always finds a way in my room. It really pisses me off!! >XO <---- how I feel.

    Right now my friend is sleeping over and my sister won't leave despite me giving her signs that she should leave. Right now they are watching my favorite movie "A Clockwork Orange" and I can't seem to enjoy it because my sister is sitting there. It just annoys me! I just want to punch her in the face!


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    Install a locking doorknob that only you and your parents have the keys to?

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    A) Let your parents know that she's being annoying in front of your friends.
    B) She's lonely. Go and talk to her, and ask why you two want to hang out all the time on a deeper level. She will open up and she will begin to respect you more, rather than ignore her.
    C) Explain to her how you feel when she's there in front of your friends. Maybe she'll understand.
    D) Have you told your parents yet?
    E) Finally just tell her where to go if all else fails.

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    You're kind of lucky she likes you enough to want to hang around with you (or she has a crush on your friend). Either way, you're kind of lucky. The only time my older brother wanted to be around me was when he had plans to do something mean to me. That was pretty much the case until the last few years of his life.

    I guess if she bothers you that bad you could tell your parents, or do as Fire2box says and get a lock for your door.

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    You're going to have to practice. The zombie invasion will occur soon enough.

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    Why cease and desist? Why not, 'go away'? Or, 'leave me alone'?

    I saw the original I KNOW WHAT IT SAID.

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    talk to her, i mean like grown ups do... not like this "stop, cease and desist" stuff...
    explain how you feel about it... also ask yourself why you hate having her around - she's family, she's your sister... that should count for something.
    Don't give her a too hard time about it...

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    I don't know how old she is, but I'm guessing teenage at a minimum, as you're watching Clockwork Orange! But basically, have a discussion with her, tell her how you feel about it, ask for privacy with your friends, etc. etc. If she still won't listen, have a talk with your parents - it's not fair for her to continuously impose herself on you!

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    She's obviously bored or trying to impress your friends. Kick her out and tell her that they are your friends and that she would be embarassed if you tried to hang out with her friends. If that doesn't work then talk to your parents and set her boundaries, maybe ask them to entertain her for a bit whilst you have friends around so you can have some peace for a few hours.

    I know when I was younger I always wanted to hang out with my siblings but I would usually get pulled by my hair out the room. Simple solution was to invite my friends around at the same time, so I had no need to want to hang out with their friends.

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