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    I am in a very odd situation with my mom right now and I need some advice on how to proceed. Anyway, my mom has expressed interest in ageplay and she wants to see pictures of ageplayers, or "childlike" people as she describes them. Note that I am in total control of information flow here because she doesn't know how to use a computer or Internet.

    Initially I though this had nothing to do with ageplay, just some fancy with childhood, but then today she mentioned "groups on the internet" and wanting to see pictures of them, laughing about it, implying full ageplay dress/gear (whatever you want to call it.)

    I had to laugh awkwardly like I knew nothing about what she was talking about and then she says "we have something in common."


    Sorry, it's kind of hard to maintain rationality right now...

    The only options I see are simply never getting around to doing it, or showing some mild stuff... I don't want to give myself away as a fully fledged AB u_u

    Maybe she already knows and I'm denying this fact to myself... *sigh*

    I wish I was making this up, ffs. *holds head*

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    It could very well be that she knows/suspects something, and this is her way to connect with you.
    I do not know your relation with your mother. Are you very open about other things?

    In your case, I would tread very lightly about the subject, and do not reveal anything that you are not comfortable with.

    If you get the feeling of her not knowing about your AB side, perhaps a few basic computer/internet lessons are in place so she can look it up herself.
    For myself, if I were in your situation, I would feel very uncomfortable/embarassed.

    You could just say that you are not at ease talking about these kind of things with her.

    I hope this helps just a little bit...

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    Yes, our relationship is fairly open otherwise and we have great trust in each other. And yes, I'm quite embarrassed...

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    Ask her what she means by "We have something in common."

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    I would just pass it off. If on the offchance you're wrong things could get weird. I just know I'd hate for my family to know :P

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    i guess if you wanted to do something take her up on it if you feel comftable
    also ask what she mean in we have something common

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    As the others have said already, just ask her what she meant by, "We have something in common."

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    Or ask yourself if you really want to know. As some above posters have mention, this could get really awkward. I don't know the relationship you have with her, but ask yourself if this might be better to sweep under the rug.

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    I really don't know right now; I'm a bit torn.

    EDIT: I will say though that I think I'm going to wait on it to see if it comes up again.

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    Honestly, she might be genuinely trying to make a connection to you. Maybe she found something in your room or something and feels that you're hiding a side of yourself from her because you're scared she'll be unaccepting, and she wants you to feel comfortable with coming to her with your interests.

    Honestly, if you feel comfortable telling her, tell her, because she probably already knows something. This sounds weird coming from me, but there are a few good mothers out there who really do want their children to be accepted. I have a friend who came out to her christian mother about being gay, and her mom not only accepted her, but encouraged her to follow her heart. When she publicly came out, her church forbid her from coming, so her mother left the church too, just because they wouldn't accept their daughter.

    Honestly, the best mothers are the ones who are scared that they're not, because that means they're constantly trying. My mom believed she was the greatest mother ever, so she never tried anything but "my way or the highway" style, and look where we ended up.

    Just food for thought, but if your mom is trying to connect with you, I wish I had your mom.

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