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Thread: Falling Skies- the new sci-fi show on TNT

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    Default Falling Skies- the new sci-fi show on TNT

    Yesterday, I finally checked out my DVRed copy of Falling Skies, the new sci-fi show on TNT, and I have to admit, I was rather impressed with it. I liked the show, the concept and the characters. I liked it a lot. I thought it was ok despite TNT's claim of limited commercial interruptions- MY ASS!

    There were enough commercials to cough up a hairball if I were a cat... UGH. I thought there were more commercials than they said there would be.

    Other than that, Falling Skies, well worth watching. I'm just holding my breath, as sci-fi shows tend to have a failure rate like no other show known to man... curses reality TV and wishes reality TV had never been imagined...


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    You must have been watching a different Falling Skies than I was. I thought it was awful. It wouldn't surprise me if we never saw the second episode.

    All I got out of it was people with dirty faces running around in the dark.

    Perhaps the massive commercial breaks prevented me from grocking the plot, assuming there was one....

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    I liked the first half, but the second half tried my patience. The hillbillies that the group 'stumbled' upon were the most dull and predictable bunch, the second I saw the girl they had with them I said aloud: "I bet that's the rapin girl", and behold, I was right!

    Not to mention that youngest kid of the main character is such a whiner, I felt like shaking him every time he spoke about his freaking birthday. Oh, and that scene with the scooter, so cheesy!

    All in all, I'm going to watch it tonight and see if it picks up; if it doesn't, I doubt I'll be watching it again.

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    Falling Skies really sucks compared to The Walking Dead. Which has far better chosive story, better and more likeable main cast and good writing. Plus production vaule is better even if only slightly.

    As for Falling Skies, I don't think it will get a 3rd season if it's this disjointed. I will watch it since there's nothing else on on sundays, which is likely why it was pout on sundays. But it's got a long way to go for me to consider it to actually be a good show. Trust me, I do want it to be good too.

    Also don't forget, "V" got remade on ABC and so far it seems to of had a better plot then Falling Skies does. then before that there was terminator and firefly. Both very good shows that still got cancelled.

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    I'm actually pretty sad I missed out on the walking dead, I didn't get AMC till about 2 months ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphacore View Post
    I'm actually pretty sad I missed out on the walking dead, I didn't get AMC till about 2 months ago.
    They'll reair the episodes, there was also only 6 episodes. episode 5 of it was so not worth watching, pretty much a montage where nothing of importance is said or done.

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    I liked it and will be watching the new episode tonight.

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    I watch the Glades on A&E instead at the same time period. My cable service does not offer DVR or anything like that so I watched both parts of Falling Skies earlier today on TNT just before original Red Dawn came on.

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    Well I watched the 2nd episode tonight and it's still a suffer to watch. Mainly due to the ratio of ads to show being nearly 1 to 1. I am surprised if there's more then 39 mins of actually show. There was about at least 7 ads and one TNT promo during a mid block break. If TNT wants to cancel this show they can and I won't feel let down at all.

    Spoilers of the 2nd episode now

    The worst part I think about this episode was how stupid easy it was for them to remove the "harnesses" and get the kids back to working order.

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