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    Just ordered a sample pack of the 24/7...I've tried Molicare and Abena (my current favorite...only 3 Abenas left) and like both of them. Anyone have reviews on the 24/7?


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    Yea, they are very thick, the plastic and the padding the swell nicely and make it very hard to conceal, xp medical said that they can hold 93 oz but I believe the diaper would just fall off when that full, they leaked only a little after about 5 heavy wettings and sagged really well, they were very soft and squishy when wet, I didn't mess in them cuz I usually don't unless I have the house to myself, but the tapes held nicely even after readjustment. I would recommend the for a fun diaper day for sure

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    They're also very wide in the crotch, and the padding is thicker there than in the front/back. Not comfortable for side sleeping, and can give you a waddle (even when dry) and may irritate your inner thighs if you walk too long in it. But probably the best diaper for overnight back sleepers and heavy wetting.

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    I agree with the above postings, there the only diaper I have found that doesn't leak while sleeping that isn't a cloth diaper. Which is good for the times I actually sleep in the same bed with my mommy so I do not leak on her.

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    Well I got my samples, and tried the first one last night. The tapes didn't stick well....they lost their stickiness before I could really test the wetting capacity. I have 2 more, and if those perform the same way I'll stick with Abenas. I'll try another one tonight and see what happens. Maybe I just got a bad batch...that happens.

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    I have 5 left, time to reorder. I liked them. The tabs(4 of them) stick well and can be peeled off at least once for to snug up the fit if needed. The plastic backing is durable and crinkles nicely. They are stuffed with pleanty of super absorbent fluff. I add a doubler to further the absorbency and add some extra poof to complete the feel.

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    Dry 24/7s are good diapers; everything I would have expected from the home of reactive tank armor.

    The only drawback is that the absorbent material can swell so much that it affects the flow characteristics. More than once, I've been laying on my back in the "down"/inverted position and experienced what could jokingly be called an "antigravity leak." The urine reversed its flow direction and then flowed upwards, over my hips, and out the sides. Gravity and inertia would pull the urine down/back, but it still can leak out the front/top. Usually, this kind of leak would be very rare.

    Given all my research into leaks, I had seen this before in other diapers. However, only when sitting and using four doublers.

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    Well the tapes didn't stick on my second one either, so I think I'm done with the 24/7.

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    I think you just got a bad batch because the tapes with mine worked fine and I had only one problem with a tape when retaping but I was sitting down and it was very full at the time

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