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    I have been a DL since I was 5, when I would steal Huggies from my youger cousins, they would always fit, but anyways, it wasn't till recently I found out I was a "Babyfur". I swear before I die I will find the authour of "2 Weeks with Ms. Roo" and beg him/her to finish it. If theres anything you'd like to ask shoot away.

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    Where did you get that under your arm!!!??? BAD BABYFUR!! Naw seriously...

    I loved your intro, your interest in that story says lots about you. I am very glad you joined us, we are a very happy lil community, and offer a slightly wider experience than typical bbyfur or reg. fur sites; though I am very interested, by the same token in what you can tell me about particular bbyfur sites. I know little of them... and it is hard to tell much at a glance: they all have babyfur art, suit info, pix and comments, con stories and diaper stuff.

    I am interested in what each has to offer, what makes each special, or a place I might like (or not like) - in other words I am interested in the culture of other sites.

    I am oldfur & d-fur, but not babyfur (that's pretty obvious) and could use some guidance as I set out to travel the babyfur landscape.

    (Hint: You could make a kind of "Froder's Guide" to babyfurridom. Would convert me to an instant fan of yours.

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    I don't know much about other fur sites, but i do like fur animations, and movies ex: Rockoons (, Fantastic Mr. Fox...

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    Some off my hobbies are internet gaming (mostly Battlefield and Black Ops), surfing the web, hunting, and building racing lawnmowers.

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    I am the real Bobkitty, Please use your own Fursona as an avatar, thanks =o

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    I'm sorry for stealing your avatar, I didn't know it was yours. I think it's really cute. Again I'm sorry.

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    Its okie! =D

    and Omg the one you have now is Really cute! x3

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