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    Hi Everyone,
    I'm kinda new here but have been in diapers for a long time now.
    I would like to know what your favourite diaper brands are? Male preferrably since Im a guy.
    I generally buy TENA and Tranquility and like max absorbancy when I can get it.
    Look forward to hear some suggestions perhaps so I can try some new brands !!

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    Abena AbriForm X-Plus for me atm, just awesome!

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    I used to think answering quastions like this was easy, but manufacturers do seem to change things from time to time and different qualities/capacities of the same brand can perform very differently - as long as what I have on my butt does the job I am reasonbably happy and the only time I have ocmpained was when a pack of diapers had a amnufacturing fault that had left pin holes in the plastic backing - leading to multiple small leaks that added up to one embarassing situation!

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