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Thread: Anyone married to a woman who accepts his ABDL-ism?

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    Question Anyone married to a woman who accepts his ABDL-ism?

    I'm getting old enough that I'm feeling a lot of pressure to pursue a relationship. I know that my ABDL side is very important to me and I would not want to give that up, even if it meant being alone for the rest of my life.

    I do want a married, "normal" relationship. But ABDL-ism would have to be part of it. Otherwise, I'd never be satisfied. If I was trapped in a marriage with someone who wouldn't accept this part of myself, I couldn't be happy. I don't think this would be fair to myself or my wife.

    I've read many posts here describing various relationships ABDL men have had. They seem to mostly fall into three groups.

    1) A marriage with a wife who doesn't understand or accept ABDL-ism and is fearful of it.

    2) Having some kind of sketchy non-committal relationship with "mommy" or "daddy" figures.

    3) Having a gay relationship with an understanding partner.

    None of those relationships would be acceptable for me. So, I was wondering if there is any hope at all. Does any man here have a wife who understands and fully accepts his ABDL-ism?

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    Yes. Mine does.
    It has been a long process, but over the course of about 5 years, she came to recognize (like me) that my fetish wasn't going to change.
    This helped her to accept it...and even enjoy it a bit.

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    My wife accepts me and even buys me things like onsies, my plushies, and is on the lookout for other things as well. She wants me to be happy and so accepts me this way. There are things I do to accommodate her as well, such as changing early in the morning so I don't smell.

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    I would say that as of now, she does her best to tolerate my ABism. Acceptance is still on the horizon, but it seems to be getting better as time passes. The more frankly we talk about it and the more lightly we treat the subject, the easier it is. For instance, I just got her 'okay' to wear when she's around. It will always be one step at a time, but some progress is better than none. ^_^ It its absolutely better now than It was a year ago.

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    Even though I'm not married, things are moving in that direction for me. My girlfriend is really accepting of my dl/ab tendencies and realized that it is a part of who I am. At first I was afraid of wearing around her but the more we talked, the more I felt comfortable wearing around her...especially when she said I looked cute in diapers. :-) I also showed her this site, told her to do some research, and if she had any questions I would answer them honestly.

    The biggest thing, though, is that it's my thing and I don't force her to wear or participate. If down the road she would want to, I won't complain one bit but I'm not pushing the issue.

    Long story short, find a girl you like first and foremost...but if you want her to be accepting your AB/DL side, it takes time, patience and a certain bit of open-mindedness on her part.

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    I have a very understanding lovely fiancée (and will get married sometime next year) who accepts my DL/LG side. It took some time... at first she wasn't too sure if she will ever accept it. Over the time and many compromises, we agreed on conditions and it helps her to accept me. It took time, but it's totally worth it. She even sometimes surprises me with LG stuff and she just want to see me happy. In exchange, I also accepted her interests into abandoned places, ghosts, spooky stuff, etc which I am not into that. So we can be fair to each other which it's very good for the relationship.

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    I'm not married but my girlfriend is accepting. She's talking about buying her own diapers and diaper outfits too recently. I'm still worried it could change but she's quite open minded.

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    So...that's 2 yeses, and 4 hopeful maybes within 24 hrs.

    Pretty slim, but better than expected.

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    My wife is accepting but does not participate outside of buying wipes or powder when I need it. I wear whenever I want which is almost every night and weekends and she is aware when and how often diapers are delivered.

    There is a saying that love will find you when you least expect it.....basically don't go looking for it rather let it happen.

    Focus first on what you want for a partner as you can not live a lifetime around someone for just one thing. Its like people who will pursue others on looks alone, we all get older and change. So find someone whom you have things in common and could see a good future. Typically if someone truly loves you, they will love all of you including your kinks.

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