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Thread: Do Tena Slips leak really easily?

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    Default Do Tena Slips leak really easily?

    Because I'm having the following problem from the following sequence of actions.

    1. Sit down in slightly wet diaper to use computer.
    2. Stand up later. Find large wet spot, soaked chair pad, blurry as hell wetness indicator.

    I don't remember Slips leaking this easily. Have they changed?

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    Don't have a problem unless they're totally soaked. How do you put them on?

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    Lying down - taking care to flick up the leg gathers beforehand and taping as tight as possible.

    Unless there's a lot of fluid that I don't know about, this does not make sense.

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    They have leaked on me whilst sitting but I always blame it on me not having taped it on properly.

    Make sure the diaper is all snug and well positioned and perhaps don't flood it or do so with more care.

    Also, if you sit down it's harder for the diaper to absorb your pee as your weight applies pressure to a large portion of the diaper so your pee can't flow as easily to unsaturated areas of the diaper.

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    Yes I suggest you to pee while standing. I've never had a problem with that.

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    They have leaked easily with me, probably cause i suck at diapering myself XD

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    Even wetting while sitting down I have never had an issue with them. Only time they leaked for me was when they were soaked at at the time I was in bed and laying on my side. For day to day wear I've found them to be great.

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    I have not had that problem. I prefer using TENA or Tranquility.

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    I trust Tena slips as a very reliable and leakproof diaper - I wonder if you have the right level of absorbancy - if you soak them and especially if you flood all at once I would suggst you need the "super" or "maxi" ones.

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