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Thread: Secure X-Plus Compared to Abena X-Plus & Dry 24/7

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    Default Secure X-Plus Compared to Abena X-Plus & Dry 24/7

    Hey all. I just received a package of Medium Secure X-Pluses to try out, so I thought I'd include them in my diaper comparison. Sorry about being somewhat redundant with the picture, but it strikes me as most useful to have a side-by-side comparison of different brands on the same 'model' (ie, me ).

    Top: Dry 24/7, Sm/Med
    Middle: Abena X-Plus, Med
    Bottom: Secure X-Plus, Med

    My review of the Secure X-Plus diaper:

    As already stated by several others, the Secure X-Plus is somewhat thinner than the Abena X-Plus (and definitely thinner than the Dry 24/7). This is likely due to less wood pulp 'wicking' material in the Secure; as a result, the Secure is slower to wick than the Abena. Sitting down in the Secure immediately after a large flooding (particularly if the diaper is already wet) is not recommended; give it a few minutes for the gel to lock in moisture. However, once this happens, you'll be hard pressed to, uhm, press out any wetness.

    The Secure seems on par with an Abena in terms of absorbency. If I had to make a call without doing any tests though, I'd say the Abena can hold a bit more. (And for reference, as long as one is not a "front-wetter," the Dry 24/7 seems capable of holding more than either the Abena or Secure).

    The padding distribution seems more even than on either the Dry 24/7 and Abena, with the Secure favoring neither the front (like an Abena) nor the backside (like the Dry 24/7). The Secure X-Plus is soft like one would expect of a quality diaper; it is closest to an Abena in this category (the Dry 24/7's remain the absolute softest disposables I have ever tried).

    In terms of noise, the plastic on the Secure X-Plus is very quiet. However, the front taping panel creates a significant amount of rustle; it should be fine under jeans though.

    Possibly the best aspect of the Secure X-Plus is its refasten-ability. The tapes are hands-down better than those of an Abena or a Dry 24/7 because they can be refastened several times and will still not lose their tackiness and holding ability. Furthermore, the location where the tape may be refastened is not limited to small "landing zones" created by the double-tapes of an Abena or Dry 24/7--on these, if the diaper is tightened by placing the secondary tapes onto the plastic and not the top of the "landing zone" tapes, they cannot be further refastened as they will rip the plastic. Also, the white tapes do not stick to the plastic as well as they stick to the "landing zone" tapes. On the Secure X-Plus, however, the landing zone area is very large and provides a large space for multiple refastening.

    Finally, the Secure has a rather low cut for a diaper--its back waistband is smaller than that of an Abena or Dry 24/7, making it less apt to poke above the top of ones pants. Also, the waistband rustles less because there is simply less of it; the front waistband is a nice touch absent on Abenas.

    I still prefer the Abena X-Plus for overnight use or long trips because I find I can go longer between changes with them. However, the Secure X-Plus is a strong alternative that is more discreet and has better tapes than the Abena X-Plus or Dry 24/7, while still remaining highly absorbent. It very well might become my preferred daytime diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Wait...Don't you already have this as a thread?
    The other one was the Dry 24/7's sm/med and med/lrg vs. Abena X-Plus.

    This is Abena-24/7-Secure comparison.

    Nice reviews though.

    An unworn thickness comparison, perhaps still folded up would be great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Oh...Might as well have just put it on the same thread...
    I considered that, but decided that the first one would become far too long with both reviews (and 2 different pictures) in the same post.

    Quote Originally Posted by Felstorm View Post
    An unworn thickness comparison, perhaps still folded up would be great!

    Left: Secure X-Plus, Medium
    Right: Abena X-Plus, Medium

    Left: Abena X-Plus, Medium
    Right: Secure X-Plus, Medium

    Both diapers are fresh from the pack; I don't have any more folded up Dry 24/7's.
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    put this in the wiki! i like your reviews. just dont let this fade

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    Nice reviews! I think a diaper reviews area of the site would be great, people could go there and compare and rate diapers. You know what I mean, it would be better than a few thrown around diaper review threads.

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    Another first quality review Tygon. Most excellent. I agree with your points 100%.

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    Quote Originally Posted by betagame View Post
    put this in the wiki! i like your reviews. just dont let this fade
    I'll put it in the Wiki, but I'd like an OK first from Moo or a mod or something, because this is more of a diaper comparison than a diaper review, and it doesn't really follow the guidelines for a diaper review as described by the Wiki.

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