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Thread: humpping the bed/other things

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    Default humpping the bed/other things

    I know it's a sensitive sub subject, but i have been doing it for a long time.
    I would do it at night. One time when my mom found some "missing" sheets
    in the basement of "our" home she snapped at me. I did't respond to her
    questions (too embaressed to).Still over the years i still did the humpping bit.
    Now for the most part i don't get the urge very often. Of course when i wear
    that's when the urge hits me and hump the sheets in a stash. I for got to
    mention that i live alone.

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    I generally take the attitude that our bodies are here for our enjoyment. Unless this is an obsession that is cutting into other areas of your life, or is the symptom of some deep rooted physiological issue, I don't see any real issue with this.

    As far as masturbation goes, there is much, much weirder stuff out there. And again, my attitude is, as long as it isn't hurting you or anyone else, and it isn't taking away from other areas of your life.. why the hell not explore yourself and get as much pleasure out of your body as you can.

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    I do it as well but I never get enjoyment out of it for long lol... maybe it's just the way I do it XD

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    I've said this before in a previous thread, but I've always humped pillows as a way of masturbating. I have a designated masturbating pillow infact :O. His names Humpus. (no, only kidding :P)

    Nothing wrong with it in the slightest, it's just the way that we've discovered sexuality, and that's fine. I mean, the rule of thumb with these things is, if it doesn't harm you, and doesn't harm anyone else, then there's nothing wrong with it. The only thing that continues to worry me till this day, is that I can't masturbate the old fashioned way, meaning hand jobs are out of the question from my boyfriend. Kind of annoying that.

    In regards to your mother, that's probably to do with the fact that she spent time washing/ironing those sheets. Mothers generally get a bit particular when their hard work has been spoiled in someway, and now looking at it with the experience of an adult who's lived away from home, and appreciates having a clean and tidy environment to live in, quite rightly too. It could also be due to the worrying reality that generally speaking all parents want their children to be as happy as possible, and for some reason most parents seem to think this means encouraging their children into being as normal as possible. I think variety is the spice of life, and I know if were to ever have kids, I would encourage them to seek out and experience all manner of things, as long as they're aware of any consequences those things might cause in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luca View Post
    I've always humped pillows as a way of masturbating.
    OMG! this man's a hotelier, people!

    Quote Originally Posted by Luca View Post
    I have a designated masturbating pillow infact :O.

    Quote Originally Posted by Luca View Post
    The only thing that continues to worry me till this day, is that I can't masturbate the old fashioned way,
    i never have been able to, and i got over worrying about it quite a while ago.
    so, it did worry me, at one point, that i didn't/couldn't do it how it's supposed to done, but it was actually more worrying to try than to simply concede to the fact that i could only do it 'my way'. [cue: Sinatra]
    i should also say that i didn't find out, for sure, until quite late how it was 'supposed' to done.

    my advice to anyone still at home and in this position, is to have a dedicated whatevertakesyourfancy, as Luca does and as i do; and to do your own laundry, of course.

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    it's part of life i guess :/

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    I'm very fond of humping my bed... or my pillow, or my plushies..... usually i put a tshirt or something rag-like inbetween to keep my plushies clean, mostly. I'm not to worried about the bed (i keep it clean too), but i like me a clean plushie.

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    I did this a lot as a child (very young child) it's actually one of the things that I think got me into wetting/diapers. But, it's not like it's weird or anything o_O. Not in my opinion anyways.

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    As for the sheet thing, sometimes I wake up and find myself doing it. I have no clue why. When my wife catches me, she finds it funny. lol

    I think it's the mind trying to deal with tension. Nothing to panic about. I think that's how I had my first wet dream. Yeah, that was a blast having my mom find that one out... :P

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