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Thread: I'm Mandi

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    Default I'm Mandi

    And I'm not that intresting. :p

    I'm 17, I live in Canada, and I'm a real girl. I have a web-design business, and I'm addicted to the computer, and my phone. My favorite colours are LIME GREEN && HOT PINK. Sorry, had to use caps, since those colours make me excited, hehe.

    If ya wanna know anything else, just ask, I guess.

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    I actually IMed you the other night on AIM... you didn't reply.

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    Welcome back, Mandi!

    Thank Goodness you're here -- It's important and valuable to get an outspoken woman's perspective on a lot of the discussions here, so this is your cue to rock on.

    *insert cue to rock on.*

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    MANDI... I remember you
    WB, glad to see you again... I am in the frigid west of Canada. Greetings to the frigid east.

    I am not like those trouble-making gangsta Toronto raccoons...

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    LOVE THE FONT! Hehe! And Wouldn't know about them Toronto raccoons hehe. :P Only been there a few times!

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    Nice to have you back among us.

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    Raccoon knocks out power downtown
    Posted: November 08, 2007, 6:33 PM by Melissa Leong
    Best & Worst

    It was lights out in my neighbourhood this afternoon. Hydro One reportedly blamed a raccoon in the transformer station on Charles Street for a power outage from Bloor to Carlton and Yonge east to Jarvis.
    Somewhere, a raccoon is wringing its nimble, little paws. (Hey, we're on to your evil plan for domination.)
    Best & Worst: Raccoons
    Best: The rascally animals in cartoon form, ie. 'The Raccoons' from the '80s. No idea, to this day, what the villain, Cyril Sneer, is supposed to be...
    Worst: The animals in their natural ninja form — sneaking into your garbage, creeping into your house, opening your fridge, unscrewing your jars of peanut butter, stealing your home furnishings...

    They've been wreaking havoc in Germany,,1390574,00.html

    Not to mention

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    Welcome back! I hope to see you around! Like Rance said, I also greatly value womens opinions and presence on this site!

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    uh... sorry - I think I'm the only one that doesn't remember you
    anywayz, welcome back! ^.^

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