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Thread: I can't go to sleep diapered =/

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    Default I can't go to sleep diapered =/

    Anyone got any ideas for sleeping while diapered? I used to be able to, but after not having any for so long I just can't get to sleep anymore -_-.

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    well if you're not comfortable with them on at night, just wear them in the day until they fell normal to wear again. Or you can try wetting them, that helps sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryce View Post
    Anyone got any ideas for sleeping while diapered? I used to be able to, but after not having any for so long I just can't get to sleep anymore -_-.
    I'm in the same boat - I tried to sleep in diapers last Friday, but just couldn't get to sleep. I usually don't wear anything to bed (no pyjamas or regular underwear) so perhaps that has something to do with it? plus it's summer time, might be more comfy in the winter?

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    For me it's a matter of getting used to it. If I haven't worn to bed for a while I'll end up tossing and turning a whole lot longer than I normally do.

    I think if you just keep trying it'll get easier to fall asleep whilst wearing.

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    Usually takes me a few nights of trying before I just get used to them being on me. Just keep at it & you will eventually get there.

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    I must be the same way as Bryce, cause I've always found it difficult to sleep padded. I think for me a lot of it has to do with the fact that I am a side sleeper, and the bulk compromises my usual position. The most comfortable way to way in a diaper is on your back, but I cannot sleep on my back. I don't sleep padded a lot though, that probably does help quite a bit.

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    I'm the other way round now, if I'm not padded it takes me longer to get to sleep. It's all a case of getting used to it I guess.

    Chromos: I'm a side sleeper as well, I just can't sleep with one leg on top of the other whilst padded :/.

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    Loopy: precisely! I do this sort of funny, odd bending knee thing that works okay... lol.

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    It may not be the diaper itself, but rather your mind is too distracted on the fact that you're wearing diapers and you're thus unable to fall asleep. If you can push your thoughts elsewhere and not think about what you're wearing in bed, maybe you'll get some better sleep.

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    I sometimes find it hard to get to sleep as well. But my frequency of wearing is fairly low at the moment (< once per week) so when I do wear, the 'excitement' can interfere with falling asleep. Another thing is drinking lots of liquid before bed; I experimented with that, but realised it makes sleeping even worse (and I still can't go in bed, think I've given up on that). Just to add, I also sleep on my side + front, but I don't think that affects my comfort whether I'm wearing or not. As others have said, I think it's about getting your body used to the feeling.

    So I guess my final answer would be: wear more often!

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