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Thread: Best diaper for long-term wear?

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    Default Best diaper for long-term wear?

    For the most part I've only bought diapers from local medical supply shops. I do have a favourite diaper (LilFit Maxi's, and I haven't really had any problems with them, in fact they've yet to leak on me.
    But lately I've had an urge to try something else. I like the LilFit's because I can wear them for a few hours before changing, and for the most part they are very discreet, and I'm looking for something similar.
    The longer I can go without having to change the better (I only wet), do you have any suggestions? Also, I'm looking for a diaper that is discreet, that can be worn out in public without the whole world noticing. Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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    maybe tena slip, I've only worn once but I've heard tena are good for care recipients who are 'over active' they are quite thin but very absorbent and I assume they don't make much noise

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    Abriforms M4s AKA Abena X-Plus hold a lot more than Lillies and are still plastic backed. If your medical supply stiore does not have them boosters pads work great. Way better than baby diaper stuffers.

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    I've tried a few Tena products, and haven't really been impressed, although I've only tried a few. I haven't seen any Abena products in the Med Supply shop that I go to, do you know any in Alberta that do sell Abena X-Plus? Are Abena X-Plus's on the discreet side of the diaper spectrum?

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    I second the Abenas. The plastic-backed ones are the best, but the cloth cover type work well and are quieter, too.

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    I personally like the tranquility ATN diapers, i have never been able to make one leak even wearing it for 24 hours. Only down side is that the tapes dont like to stick, but that is what i use tape for!

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    well I just tried Molicare's super plus and I liked it. I wore it out to a movie (long movie). and when I got in I went to bed I got at least 5 heavy wettings out of it. when I wet this morning it leaked. the plastic is subtle and it had a bulge but I was the only one to notice.

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    I've got a dry 24/7 on right now and I've soaked it at least 5-6 time and I can even see the yellow stains on it, this is my first time wearing and I love it, they are so thick and soft, have elastic leg cuffs and a waistband in the back, I wouldnt wear these to school but if I'm out on my own for sure! I suggest going to xp medical and ordering sample packs

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    I've bought a few packs of Tranquility ATN's, and I loved them! The only thing was I felt that they were too crinkly when I wore them under sweatpants, although I don't recall ever trying to wear them with jeans on...I have no idea why not either!

    The one thing about wearing diapers in public is that, even if it ain't really noisey, there is always that bulge! I wear tighter fitting jeans most of the time, its just kind of my style, and I have worn those Lille's out in public under my jeans, but I always wonder if people notice the bulge. Nobody had ever said anything, and I've worn them in front of friends (under jeans) that don't know I wear, but still the bulge always makes me wonder if other people notice.

    Because it always makes me trip-out, I was wondering if there is a diaper that is absorbent but also thin and less noticeable. Has anyone come across this combination in a diaper?

    I've heard very good things about Dry 24-7's and Secure X-Plus's, do either of these fit that description?

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    Tena Slip Maxi easily, but that's the European version. I don't know if those available elsewhere are the same.

    Abena/Abri holds more but I find they fall apart internally when wet and worn for long periods. They smell bad too.

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