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Thread: Now entering a Non-Lurker Zone

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    Smile Now entering a Non-Lurker Zone

    Generally I am not one to just post online. Often it becomes frustrating when a clearly thought out post is misunderstood or played upon by some troll and then then name calling starts. Negativity is something I'm trying to avoid. Problems and issues come up in life, but negative emotions or tendencies don't help situations. That is one of the things I liked about this site compared to others.

    Why am I at this site? I am starting to feel a bit isolated in my use of diapers. It's not something that you can just talk to anyone about. My wife is understanding about it, but it's not something she's into. After many years of reading about ABDL topics on the net, I feel like the awareness and community has grown to incorporate a lot of regular people. No offense to those that would take exception to 'regular people'. I've just felt that wearing diapers is already seen with some stigma and I would prefer not to see it stigmatized in 'darker' ways. It's a pretty harmless thing, really, but those who are unaware of the particulars of this community tend to think 'ew. only babies wear diapers', or 'that's gross, weird, perverted, bent..etc'. I told a gay friend of mine that I thought it was more culturally acceptable for him to discuss his sexuality than an AB DL can. Anyway, so I'm here to kind of have a forum that otherwise would not be available.

    Me? Well, I'm currently wearing a diaper and have 24/7 for nearly the past 2 months. I say nearly because I did take a few days off or an afternoon/evening off. I had the summer off so I took full advantage of the 24/7 diaper opportunity. I've enjoyed the time in diapers thoroughly. The only longest continuous time before was about 3 weeks of 24/7.

    My interest in diapers goes back, way back to probably age 3 and I wanted them since I can remember. Bought some as a teen but got ashamed of it and stopped. I think a friend of mine might have even spread a rumor about me in school. Just in reflecting back on certain events and knowing his nature. So, anyway, my diaper attractions were repressed for many of my adult years and I didn't go back until I saw one sitting on the side of the road late one night. I thought it just had to be something else, but it was worth checking out. I pulled over and took a look and sure enough it was an adult sized diaper. The attraction to diapers never did go away so I was pretty excited about it. Played hooky from work one day to try it on and knew that it was something I wanted to do more of. Later on I finally worked up the courage to buy some. Talk about a fateful night. I've often suspected that someone I know left the diaper there for me or if it was just a coincidence. Either way that was a pivotal night for me. My life has been different ever since.

    Interests of mine are wide and far, but mostly centered around music composition these days using voice, guitar, keyboards and a computer to pull it all together. Played music in a cover band this summer for a handful of gigs. Lots of fun. Noticed there were a few other musicians on here.

    Earlier I was reading about how you have to post a number of times to keep the account active or to reach a certain level? Hope it works out for me. I won't always have the time to post and may have a week or two without even visiting the site.

    Looking forward to interacting more with other diapered people out in the world. Diapers aren't just for babies after all.

    Chose the name pottypantz just on a silly whim then saw there was Team Pottypants here too. Not very original of me

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    Quite a nice background... or should i say "history" of your experience hehe. It would make for a rather good diaper story too

    It's great to have you on the forums pottypantz! But don't worry too much about the whole not posting enough thing - it's just if you don't post in say a week, and you'll have to post a few times more than usual to regain a good level of access.

    Anyhoo, I hope you have a ball posting - you certainly sound really eager to get right into the ADISC community


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    Default story

    Hi Dash,

    As I was reading over my post I, too, thought it sounded like a diaper story. I've read a few of those before, but haven't really gotten much out of reading them for a while.

    As far as 'history' goes, I have a small collection of stories I could tell. In my post most of the details were reduced to one or two sentences. My history with diapers goes back to an early age and only in my teens did I repress the desires.

    Thanks for responding to my introduction. Probably see you around the site in the future!

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    Hello and welcome. There's definately no need to be shy or feel abnormal around here. Okay, maybe you can feel ABnormal... but anyways.

    Getting to know our infantilist sides is what this place is all about. It's nice to see adults who have been alone with their AB/DLism in the past find this place. You'll see that the vast majority of us are just normal people who happen to derive some sort of pleasure out of this all... whether it be sexual, or emotional. So feel free to browse around... there's lots of good people and good info here.


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    ABnormal, I like that. = D

    Anyway, welcome pottypantz. I, and my baby boy Tafshin are both pretty new to the forums also. I'm also pretty new to AB/Dl in real life, though Shin, like you, also had feelings like this as a child.

    Hope to see you around. ^_^

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    Great intro, pottypantz. I don't think you'll have to worry about any "trolls" around here. They're usually quickly rooted out and banned. The mods and admin on ADISC try their best to run a tight ship and keep out undesirables.

    Welcome to the ADISC support group forums!


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    Nice to meet you, just thought I would say hello. Must say people here are overall rather normal. We all have normal issues, and most go about their lives as though nothing is different from those around them. I know that I live normaly, just happen to have a different choice of underwear.....

    Once again just wanted to say hey and introduse myself.


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