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Thread: Difference between Assurance, Certianty, and CVS day and night breifs

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    Default Difference between Assurance, Certianty, and CVS day and night breifs

    I'm really familiar with Assurance (the walmart brand) diapers, and I've found them to be the best store bought diapers I've used, but the one in my area only sells large, and while I can fit in one, I can also fit in a medium, and the medium package comes with 4 more diapers. Also from the videos I've seen, the Assurance, Walgreens Certainty, and CVS Day and Night Briefs all look the same. Are they though? The Walgreens near me gives really good deals, so if they are, I would rather be able to get mediums at better prices.


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    Don't want to be a jerk, but I'd REALLY like an answer.

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    I have not bought all three in almost a year but as of then they were all exactiley the same. Walmart was the last to go clothlike about two years ago. A few short years ago they were all the same plastic backed not bad diapers. Sadly now they are thin cloth like things with tabs that pull off if you dont put a staple through them. That said I do still buy them now and then. They are cheep, easily available and with a booster or stuffer & staples make it throught the night on a budget.

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    I know CVS and Walgreens are exactly the same, so I assume Wal-Mart is the same too.

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