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    These diapers look and sound amazing, and I really wanna try them.

    If you've tried them how were they? Are they worth buying?

    Does anyone know where the best place to order them would be? I live in Canada, so is there anywhere or any site that is cheaper than others?

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    They're expensive but I hear they're good. Abenas are a wonderful alternative! They're just as absorbent if not better.

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    I've heard of those ones too, I wouldn't mind trying them either. Any idea which would be more discreet? I'm looking for a reliable diaper that I could wear for several hours without having to change (I don't mess my diapers though, I only wet them, so it doesn't really matter to me how well they stand up to messier aspects).

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    they are just like bambino. they are good diapers. they cost the same as bambino diapers. i don't know where you can buy them in canda, but you might beable to get them though Bambino Diapers, The Best Source for ABDL Diapers and Products!.

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    B4NS is super expensive lol, is there anywhere else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaytay View Post
    B4NS is super expensive lol, is there anywhere else?
    If you live in the Montréal area, which chances are you don't, they do offer local pickup to save the shipping cost.

    Depending on where you are, my best bet would be to call a medical supply store in your area, and even if they don't carry them in stock, it's quite possible they could be special ordered for you.

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