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    Hi I'm pawear. Name is a bit of an explanation but its a screen name so whatever.
    I'm in school but finished at the moment for summer.

    I'm a diaper wearer, I don't wear very often and I wouldn't even if I had regular access to them. I also enjoy wearing pantys sometimes, but not too often.

    Other than that I'm a bit of everything; a writer, a techie, etc.

    I joined because I want to find out more about my interest. and just to get a good conversation.


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    to get a good conversation.
    conversation about what?

    We have scads of straight cross-dressers, you are among friends and well-wishers, and there are plenty of Sissies and lg's here too.

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    Hi Pawear, welcome to ADISC! There are people on here from those who have never worn, but would like to, all the way to those who are 24/7 and everything in between. We also have those who like to be somewhat sissy at times, of which I am one. Only to the extent that my onesie is pink and my paci is purple, etc. Nothing much more than that. I'm also like you in that I only wear sometimes, and really have no desire to do it more than I already do. Also, if it is conversation you're looking for, you've definitely found the right place! Just jump in and have fun. There's threads of all types!

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    Thanks! I only am a sissy to a minor extent.

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