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Thread: Things are looking up. Came out to GF, moving out by myself, got a job...

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    Default Things are looking up. Came out to GF, moving out by myself, got a job...

    So, title says most of it. I got a job at a nearby credit union, and am getting good hours. Minimum wage, but it's enough for rent, utilities, food, and a little extras left over for savings.

    I'm going to begin renting a mobile home. It's REALLY small, but I'd be the only one in it, so I FINALLY have privacy.

    Above and beyond, however, is that I successfully came out to my GF that I am a Transgender. I was ready for her to leave me on the spot, but after a few minutes, she said it didn't matter. She said she loved me no matter what, and it was what's on the inside that matters to her. She then started to cry because (at her word) that she felt bad for making snide comments about breaking up when I started to hint at it to her.
    I really feel that she's the one for me. She knows I'm an Infantilist (even if she doesn't wish to participate) and a TG, and I don't have any more bombshells to drop. My parents disowned me, but she's completely accepting.

    (I'd like to take the time to apologize to anyone I've offended in the past when making crude comments about LGTGs. I was really confused and ashamed of myself because of my (mostly former) religion, but that's no excuse for some of the things I have said.)

    Anyway. Things are looking up. Going to start saving up for TG procedures (and diapers when I can afford it. I can't afford to binge anymore...). Feeling really good.

    Rant over!

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    I'm very happy for you. If only we could all be so lucky with love.

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