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Thread: Leaks?

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    Default Leaks?

    So, when wearing, I find I often leak out the front of the leg bands. I'm not laying on my side or anything like that, and I never leak anywhere else...

    I usually wear goodnites or bambinos, but it happens even with the bambinos. I'm pretty sure I'm putting them on tight enough, as tight as I can, at least.

    Anyone have the same problem? How do you deal with it?

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    My most common leak is from the back of the leg bands. Is there any brand out there that has extra padding in that area or some ultra-protective guard. It seems to happen with just about every brand out there...including cloth diapers and plastic pants.

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    Hmmm, some random ideas...

    Are you like, flooding them? And in what position does this happen, laying on your back or sitting? Flooding whilst sitting seems to be the only time I'll leak from the front of the leg bands.

    Perhaps, when wetting whilst laying on your back, when the part of the diaper that covers your butt is saturated gravity could be to blame as it takes more time for the pee to be absorbed as it can't flow up to the front part of the diaper and puddles up a bit and then escapes through the front leg bands?

    Is the diaper still tightly in place after wearing it a little bit? I find that the position in which I put on the diaper sometimes has an effect on leaks due to the diaper not being as snug as it was when I just taped it on. This usually happens when I put the diaper on while laying on the floor so I don't know, it may just be my poor taping skills but maybe that could be a cause?

    As for how to deal with... wet smart and 'aim' for parts of the padding that aren't saturated yet. Ofcourse this could possibly ruin the feeling if you have to be consious about the position you wet in.
    Other than that, plastic pants maybe?

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    I suggest that when before you put on the last tapes(the top tapes) to pull the back of the diaper up in the back snuggly to the back of your legs underneath the butt, this has always helped me with leaks as well as readjusting the tapes after soaking

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    What could help is to make sure that the bottom tapes are applied as low as possible on the landing zone. Moreover you should slow down if you flood them. Going too fast will inevitably lead to a leak. Also it is possible to put on a diaper too tight, because on a bambino diaper (in my experience), your body heat will weaken the adhesive on the tapes slightly, and bodily movements that puts stress on them will cause them to slip slowly, eventually falling off completely. Put them on so they feel snug and secure, not tight.

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    Entity got it right on. Yea really male sure you don't "over" smug the diaper during taping as it will eventually slip and come undone, which in some cases can lead to a wasted diaper

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    This won't seem very babyish or toddlerish but it works.
    1) Put on diaper as snuggily as you can.
    2) Put on a tight-boxer-type underpant over the diaper
    3) Put on plastic pant over all.

    The underpant performs the following functions-
    1) Keeps the diaper close, not droopy
    2) The top elastic of the underpant should be such that the disposable diaper comes out the top. The elastic tightens the across the top thereby securing leakage there.
    3) Absorbs any other leakage from the diaper but contained within the plastic panty. Without the underpant, it is more likely to simply leak out the leg of the plastic panty.

    Greatly reduces odds of leak

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    Quote Originally Posted by blah View Post
    How do you deal with it?
    I boost my diaper so it doesn't leak.

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    I've found the Dry 24/7 brand diaper has a different shape to it in that it's more generously padded in some of the "weaker" areas in other diapers. May want to give those a try if you're not getting any luck with the Bambinos.

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    I suppose you could duct-tape the leg cuffs to your legs. Might hurt when you change though.

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