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Thread: my (somewhat) close call

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    I have not told my boyfriend of four months that I'm an AB, or, really, that I used to be one. I hardly ever wear anymore and don't have much interest in it, and probably after I use what I have, I won't get anymore. I do have some cloth that I intend to keep indefinitely and those can get me through the occasional urge. So, since I hate the awkward conversation and I don't see much to be gained from telling him, I haven't yet and I may not ever.

    I keep my diapers in a container under my bed that's designed to store blankets, sheets, towels, etc. The container is about 4 feet long, 18 inches wide and four inches high, and the container itself is clear but the lid is white. I don't worry about it being clear because I figure nobody will be looking under my bed anyway.

    An incident yesterday made me realize I really have to start being more careful, though. I had asked him to help me with getting my cats in their carriers Saturday (yesterday) morning so I could take them to the vet. He was planning to spend the night since my appointment was at 11:15 and, after helping me put them in the carriers, go play soccer with his buddies while I went to the vet. So he came over Friday night, and as I was falling asleep, I realized we were likely going to wind up pulling everything out from under the bed because my cat Shelby hates going to the vet and will go hide up in my boxspring. She's the reason I asked him for help. But it was too late by then to do anything about the diapers; I wasn't going to have a chance to move them without him knowing. He doesn't shower before soccer or I would have done it then.

    So, the day dawned, and I took a shower and we lingered over coffee and then realized we've only got about 15 minutes to get the cats ready. The carriers were out in my living room, and I told my boyfriend that the goal was to get Shelby in hers without her running under the bed. We moved the coffee table over to block the stairs, which lead up to my bedroom. (My apartment is loft-style, there's no door on the bedroom so we couldn't shut it off). Shelby is a smart cat, she knew right away what was going on. I also should mention that she has very slick hair, it's not easy to grab her. She hid under the couch, and when we tried to grab her she shot right past us and bam, on the coffee table, up the stairs and under the bed. Since I could anticipate that we'd need to take everything out from under there, I went ahead and dragged out the container with the diapers and put it over to one side of the room. You could certainly see the diapers stacked up in there if you looked closely enough, but you'd have to be looking from a certain angle. I saw him glancing down at it as he was moving around to get to the cat but I hoped if he could see anything the stacked-up diapers would just look like towels to him.

    We wound up having to chase the cat out of the boxspring with my mop handle and then we took the mattress and boxspring off the bed frame and turned the boxspring on its side so she couldn't climb up in there again. The cat ran back downstairs and into the bathroom, where we cornered her and threw a towel on her. I held the carrier open and helped him shove Shelby in. Whew. Getting the other cat in was a piece of cake, as it always is.

    So afterwards I still had a few minutes before I had to leave, so my boyfriend went upstairs to start putting my room back together. I went up and told him I'd just do it when I got back but he said "might as well do it now." I wanted to get the diapers put back under the bed quickly, so as soon as we had moved the boxspring and mattress back onto the bed I pushed them back under, but as I was pushing he looked down at the box. To keep him from being able to see in I moved around so I was blocking his view. I don't think he saw anything.

    So that's that. The cats got vaccinated and I don't think he ever identified any diapers. But the next time we are going to being moving stuff around in my room I am definitely going to plan ahead and put the diapers somewhere else.

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    Wow... close one for you for sure... maybe find some black colored containers instead of using clear ones?

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    Sounds like my cats...One will walk right in, and the other you practically need a team of people, or tranquilizers...I'd hide your stuff a little better...Maybe line the outer wall of the box with something that doesn't look like diapers?

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    Yes...maybe I should line the box with some sheets and kind of create a hole with them to put the diapers in.

    After all that the damn cat had a fever. The vet almost refused to vaccinate her but finally did.

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    sheets, shirts around the edge would help to block the view, also it sounds like my cat sable...but im mostly a dog person, he loves going to the vet

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    Put the diapers in a black garbage bag or something like that. If they were cloth diapers, you could always explain that they're great fro cleaning with, since they hold so much water. That was my line at home. I had my cloth diapers hanging on our line in the laundry room. My wife and I were doing laundry when our son dropped in to visit, and of course he came into the laundry room. I'm not sure what all he saw, but he said nothing. The diapers were on a back part of the line, somewhat out of view. I kept trying to get him out of the laundry room, and my wife kept talking to him. Aaaaggghhhh!

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    I say put the diapers in the boxspring, then the cat can't get in, and they're hidden.

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    Yes, the use of cloth diapers for cleaning is an excellent reason. When I was in the military, we often used cloth cotton diapers under the buffers on our floors to make them shinier, as well as to polish our boots. As for disposables, you could have just taken one out and put in the bottom of the cat carrier and said they were for "just in case" the cat peed in the car.

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