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Thread: Abena X-Plus vs. Secure X-Plus

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    Default Abena X-Plus vs. Secure X-Plus

    I was just going to post this in a blog to get my profile rolling, but I can't seem to figure out how to make one. I am sure this has been posted a few times now, but I thought I would share my experiences with these two titans as well.

    *Warning! This is quite an extensive review. There may be content that is not appreciated by all, but nothing lewd or descriptive, just testing*

    Part I - Initial Thoughts

    The following are just my initial, out-of-the-box, impressions of the Secure X-Plus diaper. I have not even put one on yet, those tests and feelings are to come later.

    Well, I have been looking forward to receiving my case of Secure X-Plusses for a few days now, and they have finally arrived! I was so excited, I could hardly wait to get the package open. I had heard many things about these, and how they are supposedly comparible if not better than the Abena's (X-plus).

    So I just ripped open my first package and took one out. I was impressed at first to note that these bags come with two less diapers in them than the Abena's, seemingly hinting at their thickness. I had heard that they are as thick, if not thicker than the Abena's, and same with every other catagory.

    I just pulled out the first one and...... let down and dissappointment. They are abysmally thin (dry) compared to a dry Abena. It is like comparing a Depend to an (Tranquility) ATN side by side, that is how big the difference is. The outside of the diaper is very nice in apperance, with the childish looking landing zone for the tapes, a very soft and crinkly outer plastic shell (same as Abena), and an almost invisable, very small, very thin, wetness indicator.

    The inside of the diaper is cheap and chintsy looking . It has the look of a cheap store brand diaper, with the big blue absorbant rectangle, a very harsh and rough feeling to the surface and leg gathers (as compared to Abena's X-Plus) that you will have to always seperate from top to bottom from the padding if you want them to stand up. This is dissapointing as I like the interior of the Abena's very much. This comparison is like driving a Rolls Royce, and then stepping into an '84 Corolla.

    The diaper also has a feeling of being small, even though it is as big, length and width, as the Abena. However, the Secure X-Plus does have a couple of things going for it still, it has an elastic waistband front AND back, better tapes (untested as of yet), and an uncluttered exterior lending itself to better asthetics.

    I am going to test the poop out these and find out which is truely the master. I know that for a FACT, I can retain, and subsequently release a 1.5 QT. enema (testing purposes ONLY, yeah, I'm wierd) into the Abena's (kneeling and standing position only) without any leakage. Now, that is a lot to ask of any diaper, more than it will ever actually see in regular service. The only other diaper that I have come accross that came CLOSE to that kind of retention and capacity are Molicares.

    I am NOT counting out these Secure X-Plus's yet, though I am a tad dissapointed with their fit and finish. They are, in fact, a young, mean, lean, contender to Abena X-Plus. I am not letting their lack of bulk dissuade or taint my thinking or judging in any way. I mean, we all know that the store bought brands are cheapo's , an look it too, but are indeed better products than Depends.

    We shall see..............

    Part II - Testing

    Allright, so I finally got to wear one of these for the first time this weekend. I was looking forward to it very much, these being contenders to Abena's and all. This first test is just a simple flood/capactiy test, and initial wear, and tape test. It is very simple, and is one of my favorite tests to perform on new diapers. I find that you glean quite a bit of info on aborbancy, leak protection, and so on from this test, though it is not one that I like to perform often...

    Warning: The following will involve the discussion of enema's and subsequent evacuation. I keep the verbage to as non-descript and clean as I can, however, if you do not want to read about, or even think about this stuff, you will want to move to Part III now, if you haven't already left that is.

    So, a favourite but very very infrequent "game" of mine is to ingest a mild laxative of some sort, diaper up, cover up and go outside and do something in public. I usually like to give myself some sort of errand to run (like get gas, or drive through teller, or something like that. I never really enter the actual public), just to see if I can accomplish it and return home and to safety in time. It is a very fun desperation game, and really gives you a sense of un-controllable bowels becasue, well, they are.

    I know that starting with a one and a half litre enema, and a Depend Overnight, the diaper is nothing more of a security blanket per sey. It makes you feel better that there is SOME sort of protection, though it is really just a show of force. If and when the "dam" starts to leak and begins to break down, you will have already have had an exit strategy in mind, you don't have much time AT ALL untill the product overloads and fails.

    Now, in that same situation, the Abena X'plusses work VERY well. They can, with some control and patient release, soak up the ENTIRE flood without leaking. They cannot be sat in however, and movement is going to be severly hampered, you don't want to 'rock the boat'.

    I have just tried on my first Secure X-Plus, and have primed my internal ignition system with one and a half litres of warm water. I have been walking around the house and doing laundry (up and down stairs too) when the first 'internal' leaks started to occur. The Secure diapers impressed me by wicking away the moisture quickly and spreading it evenly, I was having a hard time feeling the wetness at first. As this was starting to progress, I finished with the laundry and was on my way to the computer, when the first flood broke loose. Now, a decent amount of capacity had already been used for the slow dribbling, but, the diaper contained, and subsequently absorbed the flood without spilling a drop, whew!

    I have now gone through the whole range while sitting/kneeling here typing, and am pleased to report that the have behaved remarkably well. While the entire load has now been transfered to the diaper, there have been MINIMAL leaks. You would DEFINATELY have to change your pants, but they would also be unoticeable either (note: No pants, carpet, floors, or furniture were harmed during this review. Please, when trying this at home, make sure to use your safety equipment, such as large underpads, and NO clothing.).

    The capacity difference is there, but negligeable. It is most likely due to the fact that the Secure product is approx. HALF as thick as the Abena's. With capacity being much the same, the one thing that DID stand out to me were the vastly superior tapes on the Secure X-Plusses. The Abena tapes are notorious for unsticking, stretching and not being able to reposition. I had heard that the tapes on Secure's were much improved, but looking at the competitions tapes, I could not see how they could be worse.

    They have held WONDERFULLY! No sagging at all, Abena's may have even fallen off at this point. They are holding very strongly, despite the fact that I purposely repositioned each one. On a side note, the re-positioning also made for a MUCH better fitting diaper.

    As for fit and wear, the Secures are easier to fasten and fit, making them very comfortable and leak resistant. However, I find that the interior of the Abena to be much softer, more supple, thicker, and more comfortable still, however this is personal opinion.

    My initial feelings are that they are equal products so far. If Abena's were a Lexus, and Secures were the '86 Corolla, you would find that were indeed both good products. While the Lexus technically has a longer range, it also has a larger tank. The interior of a lexus, is well a lexus. But the Corolla is reliable, and gets really really good mileage, it also seems to be a little more personable.

    I will have to continue on to long range testing to see which is the true champion of these two Titans of Diapers.

    If anyone would like me to perform a specific test, or just lend some feeback, please feel free to post a reply. Thanks for reading!

    Part III - Final Thoughts

    Ok, it has been awhile since my last review comparing these two Titans of Absorbency! A long while. I have, in that expanse of time, concluded my side by side comparo.

    I started with a case of each, and tested both of these products one after the other for the past several weeks. These were both excellent diapers, able to absorb more than a sham-wow stuffed in your pants (next review maybe?). But there are a few differences between them that left me with a clear winner, but not by much.

    Comparing these products was difficult. On the one hand, you have the Abena, older, more refined, larger, and experienced. In the other corner is the young contender, Secure. A little more trim, a little less refined, and new.

    Throughout the testing, I was impressed by these two combatants, going toe to toe in absorbency and with no real clear winner. The Abena could take more, but the Secure could last longer. Abena's were soft and supple, but had troubles staying put. The Secures were more rough around the edges, but could stay attached to your butt in a hurricane. Both of their exterior plastics were soft and crinkly, but not too crinkly, just right.

    In the end though, there had to be one winner. And, by decision, Abena retains the title. I know I am going to catch alot of flack from some Secure fans out there, but let me explain. One, this is just a personal opinion, everyone has one. And B, I tested the crap out of these things, side by side for several straight WEEKS.

    This was still a hard decision on some level, but in the end it was clear to me who had won out. Both products have there ups and downs, biggest and most glaring ones being the tapes of the two. While the Secure product was, well, alot more secure, the Abena tapes were not all THAT bad. Yes, they fall off, and yes they don't hold up well when you are carrying a couple of pints of wee, but that's not quite "real world", is it?

    The thing that killed it for me, was the initial fit and finish of the Secure product. Out of the case, 37 diapers had small tears in the outer cover, about 10mm's across. 26 of them had multiple tears. The right side leg gathers seemed to be sewed down on almost all of them, requireing them to be torn up to be used. 3 of them were missing a tape, and one of them was backwards.

    The tears had minimal effect on the products usefullness, resulting in VERY small wetspots that were not even visible on the outside of pants most of the time. I also had large failures of the outer cover 4 times, once in the middle of a Wal-Mart resulting in very noticeable wetspots. The leg gathers were usuable, just a pain. Really, they just plain hurt after a while. And the four diapers with messed up tapes cannot be overlooked.

    On the otherside though, the Abena product had NO deffects. Considering that they both cost about the same, quite a bit, these manufacturing defects sealed it for me. I did find though, that, when used correctly, they could be used together effectively.

    If you were going to be sitting all day, or not being that active, the Abena's are what you want. If you are going to be a bit more active i.e. walking around all day, or doing alot of errands, the Secures were the way to go (depending on the condition of the outer cover).

    All in all, I enjoyed both products immensly. If you have any opinions or feedback you would like to share, please post below!

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    good review with a sence of humor XD nice

    ---------- Post added at 12:35 ---------- Previous post was at 12:34 ----------

    i also like your "game" ill have to try it sometime

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