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Thread: Hello...I'm Steve

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    Default Hello...I'm Steve

    I've had a bit of a writer's block in posting an introduction, but anyways...

    I was told to join this site by a friend who told me that things were nicer on here than on other places on the web. (cough cough).

    So what am I? I don't know...but the AB thing doesn't float my boat, if you know what I mean. I'm not sure the traditional DL definition fits, as it's not a sexual thing for's just something that feels good. Anyways, I hardly am in them right now (although, less time in Depends is better for everyone ).

    As far as the "outside world" goes, I have dabbled at being a college student (I haven't finished yet) and I work. Outside of that, I'm mostly interested in politics and stuff like that...don't they have us make user profiles for stuff like this?

    Anyways, if I have to hear about Britney Spears or Miley Cyrus again on TV, I'll scream!

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    Welcome, your interested in politics and i'm interested in consperisy theorys.
    Have fun around the site and i'll see you around.

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    Hi Steve!

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    I love that name!

    Well sir, there's no friendlier place on the world wide web than ADISC, so your friend nailed that one on the head!

    So what's the deal with Britney anyway? What else' she shaved off rece-.... ya, moving on! There are user profiles, but having one place where we can greet all the newcomers such as yourself is so much easier than having to look for all user profiles, if you catch my drift?

    And let me tell ya, you're not gonna have much bother contributing - cos let's face it - EVERYTHING'S POLITICS... in the grand scheme of things anyway

    Well have a smashing time posting on the forums, and hopefully I'll catch up with you sometime, dude!


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    Welcome, welcome.

    I'm halfway through my college years (Thank goodness!) and also like politics. Maybe I just like to argue. But anyway ^^

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