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Thread: Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3?

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    Default Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3?

    This is a very hyped up competition and just wonsering in your opinion which do you believe deserves the title of FPS King of 2011?
    Im not asking which you think will sell better just which you think will be better. I myself am rooting for Battlefield.

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    Modern Warfare 3, by far! You know a game is good when a transsexual MTF likes it

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    For me, I definately think BF3 !
    Better engine, larger open areas, better eviromental destruction etc.

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    The majority will say Battlefield 3, Because it'll be new.

    And it's now the summer, and the people who have played Black Ops for the past 7 months (and the hardcore players who have played Modern Warfare 2 for the past year and 7 months,) are now dead tired of it.

    But personally, I loved Modern Warfare 2, and even if Modern Warfare 3 is the exact same thing with a few more weapons, attachments, and multi-player maps, I'd still buy the shit out of it.

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    Battlefield 3 is going to murder Modern Warfare 3.

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    I'm gonna say MW3 I love the COD series, I enjoy battlefield but not nearly as much

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    Can't I like both? They're pretty different.

    I personally like Battlefield 3 because it looks like it captures the real aspects of war, while also altering it so it's fun to play. However, Modern Warfare 3 looks good so far and I think it'll be pretty engaging to play too.

    In short, if I'm strapped for cash, I'm going to get Battlefield 3; if I'm not, I'll probably get both of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanine96 View Post
    Modern Warfare 3, by far! You know a game is good when a transsexual MTF likes it
    You tell'em girl

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    Call of duty is for boys, battlefield is for men, and I say this with no sense of irony as I (money permitting) will buy both

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    MODERN WARFARE 3 ! look at the trailer. The best game. LOL.

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