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Thread: New Boots diaper?

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    Default New Boots diaper?

    I've not been here a while so sorry if this has already been mentioned, but I saw something slightly interesting today.

    While in town I went and had a look at what stuff they had in their incontinence section and noticed a green pack of something that I never saw before. When I got a look at it they said staydry so I just assumed it was a dressing up of their old products but then I noticed that this might be a new design. On the pack as well it has printed on it "equivalent of attends slip active" and their address on the back as well. This image of the item on the front as well looked much more like the pic of the normal Attends slip as well.

    Ether these or the diaper they may be based of has anyone here seen or even used these before? This is the 1st time I've ever seen them in the store and I was feeling kin of tempted. At the same time though, while unsure who made them, past staydry stuff hasn't always been the best. Maybe this is a step in the right direction though.

    They come in a 10 pack for a little over 7 so it seems they might be on a more pricy side and not the deal the lidl pack is, but it's nice to see something new on the shelves in a store ether way.

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    I think they're a repackaging of the original Boots StayDry (in a blue packet). The only ones with tapes were in size large - they're OK for something you can grab off the shelf but you can get much better for the price. The Lidl ones are much better and cheaper!

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    My experience of Boots "Staydry" products has been that they never live up to their name! - I hope this new range is more effective than it's predecessors. I find there is uaually one local pharmacy that carries adult diapers and they seem to offer more choice and value.

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    I think I'll buy a pack and report back on what these new ones are like. It doesn't seem like much is known about them after all, will depend a little though on getting the Lidl pack as well though because I need to stock up for the month and 10 isn't going last a huge amount of time after all.


    Right, I did manage to go out today and get a pack to try and I have taken some pics as well. 1st things 1st is that this is not just a rename but a proper new design for them. Considering the last proper diaper design of theirs though, that can only be a good thing. Trying them on right now.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	boots pack.jpg 
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    This is what I was talking about in terms of the package and the Attemds logo seems to have been made to stand out more then the boots one. Maybe they know their reputation =X

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	boots compair.jpg 
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    Here it is in between a Lil Fit and a Tenna Slip Maxi. They are all medium size but as you can see, it does have a bit of a smaller look to it. Has more of a plastic then a cloth feel though which is kinda nice.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	boots.jpg 
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    Opened up its clear this is a much better design then the other one which was just a bulky pad with sides that kept falling off the back. Looking at forms for Attends slip maxi as well it's clear that it's the same design used on them and that this is a repackage instead of new product.

    Now for anything I have not used them yet but while wearing I can say they are worlds apart form the old briefs they use to sell and being a better brands diaper as well, it should perform in use better as well. they tighten up well and don't feel too bulky in the wrong places One thing I do worry about however is much like before, they don't seem to be quite so much at the back. Hopefully this isn't too much of an issue for if you want or have to mess them but the front feels fine so no issues there.

    So, an improvement for sure instead of a repackage. Now if only they would sort out pricing a bit better as well.
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    On my very first visit to the UK, I bought those Staydry-diapers (big mistake...the "one size fits all"-print on the package must have been referring to elephants, because the tapes overshot the tape panel by 3 miles, and sticking tapes to a cloth outer exterior is about the same as pissing straight into your pants).
    Anyway, what I'm getting at: The package the Staydries came in back then was green, and looked just like yours. Maybe your local Boots found some ancient stock in an old box in the far end of the stockroom?!

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    There is nothing like these on the boots website - at least as far as I can see. The packaging of most of their stuff now is blue, but whoknows picture looks different to the old "staydry"pakaging. I hope they turn out to be good because it is handy to be able to get stuff form boots in an emergency.

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    are they cloth backed or plastic? and do the tapes overlap at the front if you have a smaller waist? that used to happen with the attends version of the active slip

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    are they cloth backed or plastic? and do the tapes overlap at the front if you have a smaller waist? that used to happen with the attends version of the active slip
    Yes i would like to know if they are plastic. I have got the staydry but there are no wings at the front only the back of the diaper and they are cotton. I would like to know if boots would order this product in if i asked them.

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    Yes, these are plastic backed but with the cloth sides, they are exactly the same as the attends, it even says so it that link, I was having a look yesterday and it seems all boots new pharmaceuticals range products are made by attends, this includes there new pull ons, pads etc.

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    I just went into 3 different boots stores and could only find the Staydry Pull ups (which I hate) which say "equivalent to Attends Pull up Pants"

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