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    My mom doesn't understand my bedwetting issue since it recently evolved more current. My dad sees the issue as what happened b4 and cares but tolerates it. Anyway I can show my mom it isnt my fault??

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    A doctors note. Hard to argue with imo.

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    You might like to look at some of the material on responsible sites like the Bladder and Bowel Foundation (Bladder and Bowel Foundation > Bladder and Bowel Foundation) and ERIC (Bedwetting, daytime wetting, soiling, constipation: childhood continence information from ERIC) which both have pages that will give information to support you in demonstrating that something is happening to you - and that you are not at fault. I am sure there are other places with similar information in North America - the Simon foundation and pages from the Mayo clinic site may be helpful. ERIC in particular is young person friendly and worth a look - their long name is "Education and research in improving childhood continence" which says it all but don't let that put you off. Rather than give mum all the answers you could point her at reosurces like these and let her find the information herself.

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    Thing is I've been to a doc and they said it is my back condition can cause bedwetting. Plus I think my diabetes is playing a role in it too. How can I break it down for her. As I said my father does understand.

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    I would think the medical info you have given us must add up to a pretty understandable explanation of bedwetting. Looking at it from a outsiders point of view even controlled diabetes is a serious problem - especially for young people and back problems are no fun either. These things must have a negative effect on your life and the last thing you need is pressure from a parent about something that is unpleasant, but not likely to kill you or cause further health complications.

    Maybe your mum is genuinely worried about you and can't quite find the right way to express her concerns. Is there any way you -or dad - can explain that the messages about when to urinate come from the brain via the back and that diabetes increases urine output and may even over time cause nerve damage contributing to enuresis?. I am not putting htis forward as a "proven fact" in your case but perhaps your doctor would agree and maybe he/she could share this with your parents.

    I have diabetes and back ache and wouldn't wish either on anyone - but at least you should have a better time explaining that the wetting is not your fault than someone with no obvious causation would.

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    If she hasn't done so, your mom should have a talk with your doctor. Also, at your age, you should be taking responsibility for cleaning up after yourself. If your bed or your pants get wet, you should handle the extra laundry. I became incontinent when I was about your age and had many problems coping with my family's attempts to deal with my problem. They tried to be helpful and understanding, but they did many things that made things harder for me. Taking full responsibility for dealing with my incontinence helped me to become more independent and caused the family to become more respectful of my need to look after myself.

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