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Thread: Has anyone ever meditated while wearing a diaper

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    Default Has anyone ever meditated while wearing a diaper

    I have been wearing diapers while chanting and meditating.I focus better and can stay still longer.I rarely meditate but I try to chant everyday.I think it's O.K. for me to meditate and wears diapers because my sect of Buddhism doesn't make you renounce anything.You just do it without attachment.Anyway, let's look at meditation secularly.Tell us about your experiences

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    I don't think any organisation that promotes meditation would want to raise issues about people wearing diapers while they participate in meditation, etc - if they need them in order to be relaxed and receptive to spiritual resonances, etc. Trying to engage in something that demands separation from everyday events is pretty impossible if you are wondering if your bladder/bowels will hold out until the end of the session.

    There are bits of the Bible - for example - that in the Old Testament talk about disposing of human waste responsibly - there is nothingto say it is wrong to have these perfectly natural functions!

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    No I have never done this before sorry.

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    I meditate daily diapered or not. Makes no real difference to me personally.

    It took me a long time to get used to. It was a major distraction starting out.
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    I meditate, but I find clothes (or no clothes) are one of my major distractions. Diapers I presume would be too. A light t-shirt and sleeper bottoms I'll notice less than anything else.

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    No, I really would think that would take away from the whole seperation of Body and Mind I aim for when I meditate.
    Not to meantion, diapers have quite a

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    They really are a distraction, in the beginning.

    But then again, starting out the simpilest of sounds was distracting. Before I got out of the Marines I could meditate easily with CH-57 and CH-53 helicopters constantly flying over. Wearing a diaper in meditation is the same way, consitently wearing a diaper during meditations will only make it less of a distraction.

    If you are aiming for complete relaxation can you achieve that if you must worry about getting to the rest room? If you are aiming for a seperation of body and mind, if your mind is fixated on what you are wearing, diaper or not, then would that not be a mind clearing issue? Just some food for thought, have to reach my devils advocate quota of the day.

    Be Well

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    Sometimes I use the diapers as a mental support for my meditation. I focus on the source of the feelings and hold to them. It is a powerful experience. I have a lot of experience with tantra and yoga. It is quite interesting and powerful. I can explain more if you want. Interesting post!

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    Gods sake. I used to meditate a lot; I was so much more calm and collected back then. I need to start again >.<

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    I find it is much easier for me to be calm when wearing diapers. It makes my emotional side feel whole, which allows my body to relax.

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