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Thread: Some amazing finds that would excite almost any AB/DL

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    Default Some amazing finds that would excite almost any AB/DL

    So on my most recent diaper buying spree, or what some would call a binge, I found some excellent finds that anyone from my generation would appreciate greatly. Well it all started when I was on the way to buy some more Tranquility ATN's at a medical supply store that I can get a pack for only $10. As it turns out the store started some new hours and was closed on Saturday. Well in desperation I decided to drive around to local pharmacies, thrift stores, medical supply stores to find some more diapers to hold me over.
    My first stop was at a small independent pharmacy in the area, when I went inside I was soooo excited that I almost wet my diaper even more. They had the old style waistband plastic back attends for sale. However they were $18, but I said what the heck, I had never tried them before so I decided to get them even tho they were way out of my usual price range.
    My next stop was the goldmine, a small local pharmacy. I walk to the incontinence isle and find only tranquility and attend pullups, and I dont waste my time with those. Well for some reason I decided to walk an isle over to the baby section, and to my utter suprise they had one pack of old style white goodnites. I really did wet myself this time. Even though they were only a large size and not my dream of XL, I bought them anyway.
    Well my last stop was a local thrift store. I walk over to the housewares department and found a pack of tena classic plus briefs, no leg gatherers which is a requirement for any diaper that will be fun to wear for an extened amount of time.
    Well anyway these were my excellent finds, they excited me and I just had to share them with this community of diaper friends since I have no one else to tell who would appreciate it. Let me know your thoughts about this or suggestions to make these diapers better.

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    And you have a collection to last you a while! Well done! I know you invested wisely, and will not regret a single penny you spent. Wow and all in a day.

    Leg gathers are important but I don't trust them. I have started to see some pp's with internal cresent moon extensions on the leg holes, and let us say Simply I really REALLY approve... Like in these Austrian (and expensive) Aichner pp's

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Maree Medical

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Oh yes it should most defiantly last me a while haha. I just went back to my favorite medical supply store and bought 2 packs of ATN's (my current fav), then got a pack of first quality briefs. I tried the first quality out and while they break down and clump, they give you that wet feeling that is really nice when you are just sitting around and hanging out. The Tena's that I mentioned above are the cloth style which really help when I wear around the house with my family home. The goodnites are my favorite find though, I have successfully made them into a doubler without a lot of work, I just had to tear the out cloth shell off and then rip the front open and they work perfect. While i have all of these awesome diapers in my stash, I have a sample back of dry 24/7's and Molicare Super Pluses currently being shipped to me!!! I can't wait to try them out.

    Anywho, it really goes to show you that if you look hard enough and long enough you can find what you've been wanting, the best places to always find "higher" quality diapers is most definitely a local independent pharmacy or medical supply store for sure.

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    Next time, I suggest adding on a thrift store or two to your journey. I've had amazing luck at Goodwill and Salvation Army...sometimes almost free!

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    Just got my 24/7 in the mail along with my molicares I'm wearing a 24/7 now while playing disc golf and it has leaked a few times I don't think I snugged it enough when taping, anybody else have this problem with the 24/7s

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    I found 8 packs of old style butterfly goodnites on eBay. Best find ever !!!

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    I found a older style of depends maximum recently. The plastics thicker but I'm not sure if they are really any better. Anyone know?

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