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    Default Hi everyone

    I originally made an intro page but thanks to feed back, i want to make a better one as it was my first time writing one.

    Besides my interest in diapers, My most favorite hobbies in the world would have to be Pro wrestling, Anime/Manga and video games in that order! I Loooove wrestling and anime and one day want to be a voice acting pro wrestler.

    I know "ha ha", hilarious ain't it? We'll that's my dream and both jobs would be nice but I'm fine with either.

    Besides my major hobbies, i also like drawing (although i kinda suck at it sometimes), music (who doesn't?) and camping (even though i haven't been in ages!).

    Well i guess that's me in a nut shell, i think. Hope to talk to others in the future and meet the love of my life who love me as much as i can love her.

    Thanks for reading and if you want to chat and get to know me, just send me a message.

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    Welcome to the site, Mizuma! Always glad to have another Sissy join the site! But I can't say that I share your love of pro wrestling (I'm more into girl activities). Anyway, I hope that you find yourself at home here!

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    Sorry, no offense, but i'm not a Sissy. maybe a little curious but not a sissy i would think. It was just during the sign-up it said "interests in diapers" and listed the options.

    I thought it meant my interests so i clicked for LG. Just recently realized my mistake after posting this and changed my options. Sorry for the misunderstanding, but again, i support sissy's, i'm just not one myself. And lastly, Thank you!

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    Making a re-intro to improve on the old one is a really positive move and you look like a dedicated site member! Pro wrestling isn't a huge favorite around here that I have seen and I would make a group for it to pull other fans out of the woodwork. Hee hee I wonder if you follow the ex-wrestlers in politics...

    Where you can make your wrastlin' group.
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