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Thread: Ordering online, but have no mailbox?

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    Default Ordering online, but have no mailbox?

    I just recently moved to a new house and I currently do not have a mailbox up. Don't ask why, I just don't have one yet.

    Anyways, if I order online will they still deliver it since it's coming via USPS? or will they just resend it back saying it was undeliverable?

    Bambinos sample pack is what I'm getting just because that's all I can afford right now =/.

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    As long as you have an address to ship to and a number on the house where you are with that address the USPS will deliver, just put a note to place the package at the door or something. You can also have them hold it at the post office and you can go pick it up with proper ID. Easiest thing to do would be to go get a mailbox at the local store, larger stores will carry them.

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    The house don't have numbers on it so yea. And PO boxes here are $23 a month for 6 months, pay all up front. You can't buy em for a month only =/.
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