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Thread: Mitsubishi Big Screen TV

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    Default Mitsubishi Big Screen TV

    I just got this 64" big screen tv off of craigslist classifieds: jobs, housing, personals, for sale, services, community, events, forums for free. It was only free cause theres something wrong with it. When you push the power button you here the tv click, the green light come on then 2 sec. later it shuts its self off. Any Ideas, i think it might be something with the power supply.

    I am also having trouble find a user Manuel on it.

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    more than likely the power supply. If it's a CRT based projection screen, it could also be an issue with one of the flyback transformers...

    Got a model #? I could dig around for a manual, see if I can find one.

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    Hrm, I couldn't find any manuals for free, but it does sound like the power supply from reading some posts from other could probably remove the power supply or entire circuitry (they are usually removable so you don't have to bring the whole thing in) and take it to a repair shop. My uncle's projection TV developed a similar problem and was about $130 to recap the power supply.

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    Ok, thanks for the help. I turned up the same thing.

    Something relay strange happen the other day when I tried to make it come on. I pushed the power button and the sound came on, but then the pic. actually showed for a few min, then it shut back off

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    Im just gonna call Sears and have them come out and fix it

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    Sears? I didn't know they do repairs like that. I would call a local shop, as they tend to know what they're doing more...

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    Quote Originally Posted by andysetra View Post
    Sears? I didn't know they do repairs like that. I would call a local shop, as they tend to know what they're doing more...
    They do indeed do repairs like this, but my grandmother had a lot of problems with them so i found a local tv repair shop.

    It $110 for them to come pick it up (also covers return)+ how ever much the part cost.

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    Default did the picture look when it worked for that short time?

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    it work like it would if it would stay on, it said video 1 in the right hand corner and was a black screen

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