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    Cool My birthday

    yesterday whas my birthday. I had lunch with my mom and step dad. went to the movies and sin green lantern in 3D. if you are planing to go see it you shooed. it whas kick ass! Than went out with sum of my friends for drinks. Than my wife made me my favorites diner and she got me the Tool seat I bin eyeing for months. it whas a fun day and to marrow I git a new removable cast for my leg. I am so looking fored getting this cast off.

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    congrats. I saw the green lantern at midnight and idk i had mixed feelings. The cgi looked too video game like for my taste and I think it needed more camera shake. But damn that ryan renalds, what a beast

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    Happy Birthday!

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    you know a sander a drill a sall

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    Quote Originally Posted by eeyore View Post
    Tool Set
    Happy birthday, Matt.

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    Oh, Happy Birthday Matt It sounds like you had a great day; what are you going to make with the new tool set? Maybe you can be the next big supplier of AB furniture! Hehe. Anyway, good luck getting your new cast off tomorrow; having a removable cast sounds like it will be much easier, does it mean you can shower without having to tie a bin-bag around the cast etc? Hehe. Here's to a great year ahead anyway

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    Sorry, I honestly thought a tool seat might have been an AB item!

    Anyway, in my inquisitive nature I forgot to wish Matt a happy birthday! So, happy birthday Matt! Hope you had a good day!

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